Astrology Symbols: a quick reference

What are all the planet and sign symbols?

Use this list of astrology symbols to help you recognize the basic signs and symbols of astrology and find their meanings.

The 10 planet symbols

The 12 sign symbols

What do the astrology symbols mean?

The symbols for each of the planets and signs are also called the glyphs.

The birth chart is a snapshot in time of the day you were born. You’ll typically see the symbols for a planet and sign together. The symbols show where in the sky, in what sign of the Zodiac a planet was located when you were born.

Eventually, you will learn the astrology symbols by heart. Until then, keep this handy reference in your bookmarks!

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  • Molly Gauthier
    2023-04-18 15:15:44
    Hi Elva - the Sun can be in any of the 12 signs in an astrological chart. I am not sure how to answer your comment.
  • elva Moss
    2023-04-18 04:32:30
    I thought that Leo was a Sun sign .
  • Molly Gauthier
    2022-11-05 10:38:17
    DW, it's extremely hard to answer a visual question when I cannot see the chart. There are many different ways to format and print a chart. The exact location of the Sun is only one sign but visually it can be confusing for newcomers to identify amongst all the signs and symbols on the chart wheel. However if there is a table included with your chart like at the bottom of a chart from, it should clarify the Sun's exact position by sign. In the introduction to my online course Meet the Planets I teach at a beginner level how to identify and interpret the sign and house placement of any planet. Thanks for your question!
  • DW
    2022-11-05 01:50:41
    What if it looks like the sun isn't in my sign? How does that make sense? It looks like the sun is on the cusp between the sign prior to mine and mine, but more in the previous sigh.
  • Antoine Assaad
    2020-06-01 09:22:59
    Is there a way to download all of this information with its description