Mars – Ruler of Aries and Scorpio – Your Drive

This is the glyph representing Mars: the universal symbol for males. Can you find Mars in your chart?

Mars Rules  Aries, and Co-rules Scorpio

Mars is the outermost of the “personal” planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). He scouts around the periphery of these planets— and of the Earth, like a protector. He scouts the entire zodiac every 2 years, stopping every 20 months or so to turn around and take another look (retrograde), then returns to his normal rounds.

Mars represents pure energy, the part of us that will kick the ass of those who threaten us. And even those who mean us no harm, if we are living in fear and our Mars energy is out of control. The energy can be very constructive or very destructive, depending on how we choose to use it.

Mars represents our raw energy and the ways we express it, including fighting, sports, and sex. The mythological god Mars is often shown with a shield, a sword, and a bright star of light on his crotch.

Mars describes your:

  • Physical Energy: Athletics, Sex,
  • How you assert yourself (or don’t)
  • How you defend yourself (or don’t)
  • What happens when you are angry
  • New beginnings, pioneering
  • Speed, Hurriedness
  • Awareness of self

He represents these people:

  • Leaders, Athletes, Aggressive people

and these things:

  • Weapons, sharp or dangerous objects
  • Mars rules the Head.

All of us have Mars somewhere. If we do not respect him and give his energy an outlet, if we bottle up our anger and frustration, the energy will eventually force its way out in ways that are unconscious and potentially destructive.

Constructive uses of Mars include exercise and activity of the body and/or mind. A well-cared-for Mars keeps one away from destructive people and situations.

A blocked or frustrated Mars can bring injury and illness to the physical body, aggressive persons, impatience, rudeness, hastiness, or inappropriate competitive urges. That is one reason why exercise of the physical body is so important to our physical and mental health.

If Mars is Retrograde

Mars retrograde turns Mars energy inward. Bottled up anger, fighting, aggression, assertiveness, confidence, initiative. With Mars retro in your natal chart, Mars energy turns inward and you may accept aggression from others. You tend to internalize anger and be really hard on yourself. Women often project this anger onto a partner, choosing men who do not take responsibility, or who have anger issues themselves. Bottled up anger stagnates and festers and makes your body unhealthy. It often shows up as severe tension or inflammation. (Look at Mars’ sign and house to pinpoint the part of the body— if it’s Aries it’s the head, Cancer, the tummy, etc.)

You learned to swallow it all up in childhood, and you can unlearn it if you deal honestly with your past and turn towards the positive use of Mars Rx: great stamina and inner strength. You respond to frustration and anger in healthy ways, you honor your desires, and you are gentle and compassionate with yourself.

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