2021 Classroom Series

Class meets every other Saturday at Noon ET from January 9 to March 20.

In our first meeting on January 9, I’ll show you some chart basics. Then I want to listen to you for a while.

I’ll create a plan to bring the basics of the birth chart to life for you.

By the end of the series, you’ll feel more comfortable with the vocabulary of astrology. You’ll understand the “outlines” of the birth chart. And you’ll have a foundation to do more advanced work with birth charts. 

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Class begins January 9
Enrollment closes January 22, 2021

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Beyond the horoscopes

Sun-sign horoscopes in the newspapers and magazines can be both fun and enlightening. And the best ones often ring true, with insights that help you identify tendencies, talents, and gifts, so that you understand yourself a little better.

But your birth chart takes it a step further. The chart is like a super-horoscope geared not toward everyone who shares your birth sign, but specifically to you. It gives you a detailed perspective on the strengths and weaknesses that you bring to the table in any situation. 

When you finish Birth Charts for Beginners, you’ll have what you need to calculate charts and practice interpreting them. You’ll get to know the basic structure of the chart. You’ll have the essence  of each of the symbols and how to start putting them together– opening up a world of new insight into yourself and your loved ones.

Start learning today

birth charts for beginners - learn your way around the birth chart

Overcome confusion and overwhelm

Are you a beginner struggling to find your way around an astrological birth chart? It can be so easy to tie yourself in knots trying to learn. I have seen beginners really struggle to figure out how the pieces all fit together. Without a system and a guide, astrology can get really confusing.

You may be working through different resources that you find online, looking up the symbols, but never really having it come together for you.

Maybe you even paid good money for an astrology course that didn’t deliver your expectations.

But you still want to unlock those secrets that you know lie within your birth chart. So it’s time you met Birth Charts for Beginners.

  • Understand yourself and others in an objective yet soulful way.
  • Recognize opportunities for personal growth
  • Navigate life with more insight
  • Connect with other students

Downloadable, printable astrology flashcards included

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Connect with other students

Live online class meetings offer a classroom experience. Practice your skills and get your personal questions answered.

Astrology in plain English

Don't waste your time picking through random fluff that doesn't matter. Get straight to the point with easy-to-follow lessons.

Printable Flash cards

Learn the symbols and their keywords. Beginning interpretation formulas are included, so that you can get started interpreting charts right away.

Start learning today

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What people are saying

"I love the course so far, it’s very intuitive clear and easy to learn! by far the best course I came across. Feel super grateful!"
"The lessons are succinct and easy to understand…really well organized. Your graphics are playful and uplifting. Thanks again."
"I have learned more in 2 afternoons than I have in 8-9 months watching You-tube videos, buying books and searching the internet!"

Molly Gauthier, CNTP - Astrologer and Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 1990s and discover astrology again. I remember being a new student, looking up my sign placements and aspects for the first time, finding all of these wonderful nuggets of truth and validation.

The best feeling is when the truth-nuggets start to come together and form a picture that reveals even deeper truths. The chart comes to life… and the light turns on.

I love that.

I help people who are excited about astrology take their knowledge and skills to the next level. I also practice medical astrology and nutrition therapy to help individuals identify and address deeper issues and meanings impacting their health.

I’d love to share this knowledge with you. Click here to enroll in Birth Charts for Beginners!

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