Neptune – Ruler of Pisces – the Dreamer in you

This is the glyph for Neptune. It looks like a trident.

Neptune is the ruler of  Pisces.

Neptune is a symbol of the universal truth that all life is connected. In mythology, Neptune is the god of the sea. He has a dissolving influence on the area of life symbolized by the part of the chart he occupies. He dissolves boundaries and structures considered to be reality; therefore, reality and unreality are sometimes difficult to distinguish in this area. A desire to escape reality through fantasy or other means is common with Neptune.

It is this blurring of boundaries that is Neptune’s greatest gift, however. A strong Neptune indicates creative gifts, deep empathy and compassionate understanding of others.

Neptune in your chart symbolizes imagination and artistic talent, as well as psychic ability.

Neptune circles the zodiac in 165 years. He spends roughly 14 years in each sign. Everyone born in the same 14-year period as you will have Neptune in the same sign.

Some keywords for Neptune are:

  •  Confusion, Dissolution
  • Compassion, Psychic ability
  • Lies, Deception, Illusion
  • Art, Music, Theater, Film, Photography
  • Painkillers (Drugs, Alcohol, Sugar)
  • Addiction
  • Spirituality
  • Confinement

Neptune rules:

  • Large Institutions (the Military, Hospitals, etc.)
  • Oil and Petroleum Products (plastics)
  • The Feet

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