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Mercury on the dollar

Mercury Retrograde– what’s it good for?

That Mercury rx is annoying is undoubtedly true. With the lights blinking off and on, wind and weather kicking up, technology glitches, misunderstandings, wrong turns and traffic jams, we have reason to be annoyed and reason to be extra cautious during Mercury retro.

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An Astrology teacher’s manifesto…

There’s something big I have been working on for the past year, that I’ve been looking forward to telling you about today. But first, a little of my backstory. In 2013, I bottomed out. In just a

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Aries New Moon Treasure Maps

This is a fun creative project designed to help you harness your own intuitive knowing and “plant a seed” of intention at a time of year that charges up new endeavors with the pure, focused energy of

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Aries with Virgo checks in

(A classic post from 2006) I am an Aries with Virgo Rising and Moon. Isn’t this like a contradiction?? Aries is said to be aggressive and impulsive, while Virgo is over critical and conservative. Aries is impatient

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Magi star

Astrology and the Bible

Does God mind if you study astrology? Is astrology evil, or merely naughty? Will God smite you if you look into the future? Or… does the Bible tell us that God actually wants you to pay attention

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Fatigue sculpture

Mars is soooo retrograde

Are you feeling this Mars retrograde? That heavy, tired, out-of-gas feeling? Mars is sooooo retrograde right now. Retrograde Mars is closing in on the South Node this week, which drains things away from us, like our energy (Mars). This

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Kidney art

The Full Moon in Libra April 2017

Full Moons are a time when the physiological activities and emotions stirred up at the time of that fresh, hot, and fast New Moon in fiery Aries reach a peak or maximum. Today’s Full Moon in Libra

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AstroWellbeing for Venus Retrograde 2017

March 4-April 15, 2017 Begins at 13° Aries, ends at 26° Pisces Practice self-validation during Venus retrograde. Validate yourself, and help others along the path by validating their voices and perspectives, too. Why? Because Venus retrograde brings up issues

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AstroWellbeing case study: Schizophrenia

A while back, a reader asked me a terrific question. My son has developed schizophrenia, probably drug induced. Was he born with this or what astrological configuration causes this? Dear reader, may I first humbly acknowledge the

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Astrological signatures in Raynaud’s phenomenon

A question came in last week: “What astrological perspective would explain Raynaud’s phenomenon?” What is Raynaud’s phenomenon? Raynaud’s phenomenon is hypersensitivity of the fingers and toes to cold. Your body naturally adjusts to temperature changes by increasing

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Mercury retrograde

What are you talking about when you have a sentence similar to the following: This week Mercury is in retrograde… Is there an opposite term as well? Thanks, John A planet being in retrograde means that, to

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