astrology for fall 2020

Fall 2020 forecast

Mars will activate, motivate, and inspire you to fight the good fight. But when we see Mars making some difficult connections to other planets, like we are seeing this Fall, crises and emotions spin up quickly. Mars in Aries boosts the irritability factor and makes you more acutely aware of your drives, desires, and self-interest.

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Mercury retrograde * June-July 2020

June 18 – July 12, 2020 Mercury retrograde in Cancer I think Mercury retrograde is probably the number one “gateway” event that pulls people into the realness of astrology beyond the horoscopes. I have not done a

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total solar eclipse aug 2017

Summer 2020 Eclipse season in the USA

Summer 2020 Eclipse season Lordy, I don’t even know where to start with this one. I suppose I should start with some astrological background. How did we get here? The Saturn-Pluto conjunction early this year kicked off

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[video] South Nodal Charts The South Nodal Chart is a simple, easy to learn medical astrology technique that you can use to locate physical features and symptoms on the body. How the Nodal chart works When I read a medical

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Puffer fish portrait

Mars in Pisces: a moving target

Mars in Pisces: May 13 – June 27, 2020 Mars in Pisces lends a passive, free form, unpredictable quality to human activity, actions, and attitudes. Efforts to grow in compassion and understanding should be fruitful, as well

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The Pisces Lunar Cycle and the COVID-19 crisis

In astrology, the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune represent infection. Cold and flu season tends to appear during the Pisces Lunar cycle, no matter what. What makes this cycle so remarkable? What’s the astrology of coronavirus?

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The transiting Moon in medical astrology

For centuries, astrologers have understood and worked with the relationship between the Zodiac signs and certain parts of the body. Just a few hundred years ago, Western physicians considered astrology to be essential to the practice of

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Mercury on the dollar

Mercury Retrograde– what’s it good for?

That Mercury rx is annoying is undoubtedly true. With the lights blinking off and on, wind and weather kicking up, technology glitches, misunderstandings, wrong turns and traffic jams, we have reason to be annoyed and reason to be extra cautious during Mercury retro.

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An Astrology teacher’s manifesto…

There’s something big I have been working on for the past year, that I’ve been looking forward to telling you about today. But first, a little of my backstory. In 2013, I bottomed out. In just a

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