Mars in Aquarius • March 6 – April 14, 2022

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Mars in Aquarius native

The energy changes fast when Mars exits cautious Capricorn and marches into experimental Aquarius on March 16. You might sense it in the cold winter air (or the hot summer for my friends down under) – a palpable electric vibration that energizes all things ruled by Aquarius– from electricians to web designers and online shopping, from the hard sciences to energy sciences like astrology and acupuncture.

Aquarius represents social groups, teams, and friendships, as well as the realm of the wacky and eccentric. This provides a golden opportunity to throw some spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks– but there are some tricky periods that you’ll want to know about.  You’ll find those below.

Mars brings speed, heat, and new ideas with every visit. Sometimes that heat is easier to channel. Those dates I have marked with a double-star ☆☆ or a green dot 🟢 on the printable planning calendar.

Other times, the energy tends to be less contained and more destructive, with a greater potential to result in insult and/or injury. I have marked those dates with a double-umbrella ☂☂ or a red dot 🔴.

Key Dates

  • Mars enters Aquarius – March 6
  • ☆☂ Mars sextile Chiron and square Uranus – March 19-21
    • Opportunity to bridge a divide despite upset and stress.
  • ☂☂ Mars square Uranus – March 22
    • Upset, stress, sudden and unexpected actions and events. Safety first, especially when working with electricity.
  • ☂☂ Mars conjunct Saturn and square Nodes – March 2-7
    • Difficulties, negative attitudes, accidents, irritability. Be careful.
  • Mars enters Pisces – April 14

Mars in Aquarius at Work

  • Take an experimental mindset. Be willing to let go of failed experiments and try again.
  • Encourage both independent thought and teamwork.
  • If you feel trapped in a job, explore options for the future. At least your mind can be free! And that may lead you somewhere new.
  • Shake things up at the office with an outing or surprise to break from routine and enhance creativity.
  • Complex plans, meetings, and technology updates should go especially well on days when Mars aligns favorably with other planets (☆☆ days). 
  • On days when Mars makes difficult aspects (☂☂ days), rigid thinking and impatience can be stumbling blocks.

Mars in Aquarius and Love

  • Mars in Aquarius energizes friendships, peer groups, and friend groups.
  • Unpredictable, unusual, and sometimes even weird sexual energy that can change on a dime.
  • Some folks take an ice-cold and scientific approach to relationships.
  • Exciting times with friends and groups.

Mars in Aquarius and your Health

  • (This is not medical advice – please run these suggestions by a professional who knows your situation!)
  • Movement is important for circulation and mobility, especially in the lower legs and ankles. Get out and be as active as you can, especially on good Mars days (☆☆ days), when your energy is likely to be more abundant and steady.
  • Eat for healthy blood! Cutting sugar intake and increasing healthy fats helps to balance blood sugar and blood lipids. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect.  
  • Make a habit of drinking plenty of water to counter the drying effect of Mars here.
  • Avoid eating or cooking with inflammatory fats that you’ll find in grain-fed meat and in processed vegetable and seed oils.
  • Exercise for vascular health! Even very low-impact cardiovascular exercises like walking and gentle yoga poses– even simple ones like “Legs up the wall” stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.
  • Aquarius is electrical, connected to the rhythms of the body. Heartbeat, breathing, and the subtleties of the nervous system.
  • Acupuncture treatments can be helpful.
  • On Mars’ stress days (☂☂ days), be careful. Accidents and injuries from overexertion are more likely; so don’t push beyond your limits.
  • If you were born with Mars in Leo, this will be your weak period in the 2-year Mars cycle. Go slow. Drink plenty of water to offset the dehydrating effect of Mars. And be careful not to burn out.
  • (Don’t know your Mars sign? How to get your birth chart.)

What does Mars in Aquarius mean?

“Mars in Aquarius” on an astrology calendar means that from our perspective here on Earth, Mars is moving through the part of the sky we call Aquarius. This is the same part that the Sun moves through from late January to mid February. Mars’ journey through Aquarius reflects a general atmosphere that simultaneously calls for teamwork and activates urges to break away and be more authentic and free. Mars in Aquarius fires up friendships and social group dynamics with high energy and new ideas.

In a birth chart, Mars in Aquarius means that from our perspective here on earth, Mars was moving through Aquarius on your date of birth, making the friendly, impersonal, freedom-loving and strong-willed nature of Mars in Aquarius a feature of the “blueprint” that makes you who you are.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi there. Been about 15 yrs since I last followed you. Back then, I asked about recommended dates to undergo major surgery. I came out the other side OK.

    Followed another popular astrologer afterwards but was eventually I left her blogsite. I suspect it was more about her strong-willed Capricorn sun in contrast to my Scorpio sun. Easier for me to move on.

    Looking forward to engaging with your lessons!

    What do you charge for astro consultations?


    Larry Caracciolo
    Everett, WA

    1. Hi Larry! Thanks for the follow. I’m so glad to hear that the surgery went well. If you’d like to have a consult, you can set up a free pre-consult meeting here: Work With Me. We can discuss services and pricing in that meeting. You might find me to be strong-willed too though! 😂 Fair warning. ♈︎

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