Sagittarius – Mutable Fire – the Archer

Sagittarius strengths and weaknesses

Straightforward Impersonal
Optimistic Tactless
Open-minded Impractical
Outgoing Phony, “plays the part”
Adventurous Extravagant
A natural teacher Over-commits
Idealistic Rationalizes
Philosophical Dogmatic
Aware of the “big picture”

This is the glyph for Sagittarius: an arrow on the way somewhere.

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. Sagittarians are typically easygoing and able to adapt to changing moods and circumstances. They have an undeniable need to be out and about, free to explore their world and meet new people.

A Sagittarian can brighten up your whole world, because her belief in you gets you to believe in yourself. They make really good mentors, teachers, and motivational speakers for this reason.

 Jupiter, planet of expansion and good luck, is ruler of Sagittarius. Whether or not they know it, Sagittarians are lucky. They have abundant powers of manifestation. They get what they think they will get because they think they will get it. Or better, they know they will get it.

Unlike Virgo, Sagittarius sometimes seems, shall we say, liberated from practical concerns. “Let’s take this $5 bill to Vegas and make a million dollars playing blackjack,” says the Sag. But they forgot they don’t have any gas in the car.

Sagittarians are masters of manifestation. They tend to get what they believe they deserve. The typical rap sheet of the Sagittarius reads as such: “happy go lucky. Fun loving, life of the party, jokester.” While these things are true for many Sagittarius natives, they are not true for all.

Above all, people with planets in Sag need freedom and joy. They feel happy when they risk something to gain something. Like the archer aiming the bow & arrow, the moments between letting go and hitting the target are what they thrive on. They need these things in order to grow and flourish. If they don’t get enough healthy “rush” in their life, they may become addicted to gambling.

Because of its association with philosophy, Sagittarius is associated with religion, which is actually a kind of group philosophy. There is also a need to have a religious or ethical framework to stick to and believe in. There must be a resonance with inner truth, however. If Sagittarius does not live in accordance with her true ethics or spiritual beliefs.. not dogma, beliefs, she will lose faith in herself.

Transformative tools for Sagittarians are mantras and affirmations, because they are designed to change your beliefs about yourself and your life, even if the affirmation seems false to you when you begin to use it.

Perfect wisdom lives in my heart.

Chart reading tip:
For more information about planets in Sagittarius in your chart, look at the condition of Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet. Jupiter in a fire sign such as Aries would be more inclined to take risks, but Jupiter in Capricorn would be more reserved in nature.

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