Planets in the 12 Houses

If the chart is a stage…

The planets are the players…

And the signs are the costumes or “roles” that the planets wear…

The houses are the sets. Does the action take place at home, in private? Out in public? In relationships?

A planet’s house placement in your chart tells you where in your life that planet’s stories tend to show up.

For example, if Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in your 7th house of relationships, this means you have an optimistic attitude that draws abundant relationships (perhaps too many at times), or you look for an optimistic, upbeat, or successful person (Jupiter) to partner with.

  • The Sun’s house: where you shine, where you are most creative, where you put a great deal of your life force energy.
  • The Moon’s house: where you can use your instincts for benefit. Here you tend to fluctuate and are likely to be moody.
  • Mercury’s house: where you have the gift of gab and deal with information frequently. On the flip side, it’s what you run your mouth about.
  • Venus’s house: a source of satisfaction—where you like things to be smooth, beautiful, and free from conflict.
  • Mars’ house: where you are speedy, competitive, argumentative, energetic, like to do things alone.
  • Jupiter: where you have good luck and abundance, where you do things in a big way.
  • Saturn’s house: where you have to work hard for what you’ve got. Where you are very responsible but may limit yourself too much.
  • Uranus’ house: where you have sudden insights and flashes of genius! Here you experience frequent changes, need lots of freedom.
  • Neptune’s house: where you experience connection with spiritual energies and are very psychic. However, you have a tendency to wear rose-colored glasses, thus you may be easily deceived.
  • Pluto’s house: The source of your deepest power, and your deepest fears. Where you experience extremes—highs and lows, where you may need to open up and be more vulnerable.
  • Chiron‘s house: Where you experience alienation and woundedness. Where you’re called to serve others.

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  • Molly Gauthier
    2021-06-06 21:35:37
    I just added that for you, Kate. Thanks!
  • Kate Simpson
    2021-06-05 21:40:51
    Hi Molly, Is there a meaning for Chiron's house? Just wondering! Kate
  • Molly Gauthier
    2020-04-29 08:17:35
    Yes, I mean the house where the planet is located in the chart you're reading.
  • marissa bing
    2020-04-28 19:40:57
    Hi Molly! In the descriptions, when you say, "Planet's house" (Mercurys house or Plutos House)- you mean when a planet is found within a house, right? Like if in a chart, the sun was within the 11th house - that would be the "Sun's house"? Or are you meaning the house that that planet rules? So for example, "Sun's" house meaning Leo's house, meaning the third house? Just wanted to clarify? :) Thank you!