The Moon – Ruler of Cancer – the Inner You

The Moon in astrology represents your emotional side, emotional patterns established in early childhood, your style of caretaking, and what you need in order to feel emotionally secure.

Here is the glyph for the Moon, a crescent.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer.

The Moon in astrology represents these qualities:

  • Emotions, Moods, Receptivity, Capacity for Nurturing
  • Habit patterns, eating habits
  • Security needs, Self-indulgence
  • Home

The Moon in astrology represents these people:

  • Your Mother, Women
  • Caretakers, nurturers

and these parts of the body:

  • The Breasts and stomach
  • Digestion

The Moon speaks to the emotional patterns and comfort zones that become established in early childhood.

The Moon represents basic needs. For example, Moon in Leo needs approval, needs to feel appreciated and respected. If the need is not met in early childhood, the person will display emotionally the shadow side of Leo: insecurity and excessive egoism.

The Moon in most charts describes your experience of your mother. Moon in Gemini, she’s intelligent, talkative, or flighty, Moon in  Pisces has an artistic, spiritual, addicted, or entirely spaced-out mother.

The Moon reflects how you deal with emotion– or don’t. For example, Moon in Taurus hates to rock the boat. Moon in Virgo needs a sense of order, and worries and criticizes when emotionally stressed. Moon in Gemini talks about emotions or is flighty and hard to pin down.

The transiting Moon in astrology

The transiting Moon plays the role of trigger and focuser of the energies. As the fastest-moving body in the sky, the Moon carries energetic messages between slower planets and may set off or “trigger” an existing formation or aspect.

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