Leo – Fixed Fire – the Lion

Leo Characteristics

Leo’s strengths and weaknesses:

Loyal Over-idealistic
Confident False bravado
Respectful Judgemental
Idealistic Self-centered
Trusting Egotistical
Creative Seeks approval from the outside
Proud Perfectionist
Generous Naive
Good with children
A natural leader and performer

Leo is the fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are the most stubborn and resistant to change. Fire signs are the most idealistic. Leo is the sign most known for passion and dedication to an ideal.

This devotion brings Leo the gifts of generosity, and faithfulness when they reach out to others. Leos are loyal to the core. Leo rules the heart, and Leos have a wonderful warmth and goodness of heart.

 The Sun is the ruler of Leo. The Sun represents Ego. The stereotype of Leo is the fun-loving, boisterous, class clown type, or the showoff, but it’s more complex than that.

Any planet in Leo indicates that the ego is sensitive or important in some way. That’s why Leos thrive on appreciation. They often end up on stage, although not all Leos are performers (in the strictest sense of the word).

If self-esteem is not strong, Leo can be painfully self-conscious. In response, Leo might either turn inward for fear of losing approval or being scorned, or they overcompensate and “show off,” constantly pulling the spotlight onto themselves.

Leo can also be so idealistic as to lose perspective. When others do not follow or agree with the ideal, Leo may adopt a judgmental attitude. (“It’s so obvious that this is the right way to do things. Why can’t they see this is the right way? These people must be on dope.”)

Leo has a gift for inspiring other people. When they use the fire inside to focus the spotlight on other people’s good qualities, the effect is tremendous.

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