The Sun – Ruler of Leo – Center of Everything

This is the glyph that represents the Sun: a circle with a dot in the middle. Can you find it in your chart?

In astrology, the word “planet” has a slightly different meaning than it does in astronomy. The origin of the word planet comes from a Greek word meaning “wanderer.” Astrologically speaking, a planet is a body that appears to “wander” or move across the sky, including the Sun and Moon.

The Sun rules the sign Leo.

The Sun is the center of the solar system. In astrology, it’s the center of your world: you! The Sun is about your ego self, that “outer” part of you that expresses in the world– in your work, your activities, your interactions with others.

The Sun represents these characteristics

  • Ego, Soul, Self
  • Your center, your life force, your “generator”
  • Creativity, Character
  • How you express your energy
  • The “engine” that motivates and drives you

The horoscope signs you see in the papers and online– the ones that are based on your birthday– that is actually your Sun sign. The Sun moves through the sky in a constant annual pattern, making that Sun sign the easiest astrological feature to determine, just given someone’s birthday. But the Sun in your chart has an even deeper story to tell.

The Sun represents these people in your life

  • Your Father, Men, The Boss, and Authority figures.

The house and aspects to the Sun in your birth chart tell the story of your relationship to these Sun-ruled people in your life.

The Sun in the body

  • The Heart
  • Your engine
  • Your vitality
  • Your “battery”

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