Gemini – Mutable Air – the Twins

Gemini strengths and weaknesses

Versatile Scattered
Curious Flighty
Talkative Gossiping
Communicative Difficult to pin down
Quick learner Nervous
Intelligent Superficial
Good with new ideas & languages
“Jack of all trades” Fickle
Duality, 2 jobs, 2 majors, 2 lovers Two-faced
Often has several projects going at once

This is the glyph for Gemini. It resembles a Roman number “2” and represents the Twins, Gemini’s symbol.

 Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is the ruler of Gemini.

Gemini is the mutable air sign. Mutable signs are the most flexible. Air represents mental and social energy. Geminis have an innate curiosity and mental flexibility which allows them to learn new words and absorb new ideas quickly. They also tend to pick up foreign languages easily.

Gemini has the gift of gab, and likes playing with ideas and words, which could take the form of crossword puzzles or poetry. Most Geminis are good communicators and writers, adept at witty banter, “schmoozing,” and flirting. And lying, if they so choose. Gemini needs substance to back up the style, or she will not be very happy in life.

“Jack of all trades; master of none” is a phrase that was probably first used to describe a Gemini, and so it has been ever since. Gemini’s biggest weakness is being too scattered. Gemini often has trouble maintaining interest in an on-going project or relationship. Like the butterflies, she would rather sample many flowers than settle on just one.

Gemini’s active mind is both a blessing and a liability. Geminis often suffer from worry or nervous habits and disorders. It’s important that Gemini gives the mind a break from time to time, although it can be difficult to overcome the tendency to think think think all the time.

Chart reading tip
For more information about placements in Gemini in your chart, look at the sign that Mercury occupies. Mercury in Gemini accentuates both the strong and weak points of the Gemini Sun. Mercury in Taurus or Cancer serves to ground the active nature of the Gemini mind.

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