Virgo – Mutable Earth – the Lady

Virgo’s strengths and weaknesses

Efficient, gets the job done Compulsive about details
Calm, quiet Way too hard on self
Practical Negative, “glass half empty”
Service oriented Critical, perfectionist
Devoted to duty Worries too much
Flexible Judgmental
Good with details Fault finding
Analytical Hypochondriac
Health and body conscious
Meticulous Holds others to a high standard
Communicates through actions rather than words

This is the glyph for Virgo: a lowercase “m” with her legs crossed.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the blazing heat of the Sun’s passage through fiery Leo— ironically known as the “dog days”— is almost behind us. Now our focus turns back to work, back to school, back in the saddle, back in the groove: harvest time. Thus begins the Sun’s passage through Virgo each year.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign. Mutable signs are the most flexible and adaptable. Earth signs are the most utilitarian and practical. Therefore, Virgo has a talent for seeing what needs to be done, and doing it. They are very detail-oriented, and good at jobs that require multitasking.

Virgo as a sign is woefully underrated. Here’s the first thing you should know: they’re not all neat freaks. If you only go as far as to see the librarian of the Zodiac, you’ll miss the finer points of Virgo— the wit, subtlety, intelligence, intuition, earthly curiosity, and yes! deep sensitivity and sensuality.

Virgo rules work and service— everyday things and life’s routines. These things are important! Virgo is a sign that stays grounded in routine. The little details are not beyond a Virgo’s recognition, and that is why they often worry too much. What if this goes wrong? What if that’s not right? They are able to anticipate problems before they happen. For this reason, they are incredibly efficient workers, with an instant recognition of process and what they can do to help. Virgo’s work is very important, and they suffer if they feel they have not done a good job.

They do need to learn to let some of that go in close emotional relationships. Very few romantics fantasize about a lover who will nitpick them all day. It’s better if Virgo puts that analytical mind to work finding all the things that are right about the other person.

 Virgo’s traditional planetary ruler is Mercury , the messenger. There are those who believe the true ruler of Virgo has yet to be discovered. There are others who attribute rulership of this inscrutable sign to Chiron, an asteroid named after a Centaur who studied shamanism, healing arts, botany, art, music, and served as mentor to many mythological heroes, including Hercules.

Virgo is generally health-conscious. Not always healthy living, but certainly aware of the body. Like Chiron, they possess an instinctive ability to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy practical applications for her offerings, such as medicinal plants.

Virgo rules everyday things and life’s routines, and is known for being meticulous about details. When Virgo is strong in a chart, chances are, someone criticized the person when they were growing up, so young Virgo learned to be critical. For example, they can be very health-conscious or very hard workers, curmudgeons, or perfectionists.

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  • Molly Gauthier
    2020-04-24 10:46:00
    Yes - Virgo is great with process and detail. Their strengths and weaknesses reflect Mercury's rulership. Having strong Mercury does not mean you don't struggle with Mercury. The strength of the planet cuts both ways. Gemini is verbal and social, the air side of Mercury. Virgo is practical and efficient, the earth side of Mercury.
  • marissa bing
    2020-04-23 20:27:27
    Hi Molly! I have always been a bit confused about Virgo due to it being ruled by Mercury. I always assumed it was a sign destined to be great with communication, however, after reading what you have to say about it, as well as extensive outside research, it seems to be a sign that actually is likely to struggle with communication, and instead that's better suited to "doing" and "working" versus communicating (which is Gemini's strength). Can you please explain how this would fit with Mercury as ruler? I suppose because Mercury is ruler of "the process" from A to B for example, this would be how it fits in, Virgo completing and doing a process? I know in the planet's lecture module, you mention that Mercury is how we communicate + circulate, perhaps Gemini is the communicate, and Virgo is the circulate? Is my understanding correct? Thank you!