Eclipses in the birth chart houses

Now that you have some astrology basics under your belt, you can discover the house location of an Eclipse in your birth chart, and what that means in your life.

A Solar Eclipse represents a matter that comes to you from the objective, outside world.

A Lunar Eclipse represents something emerging into your life from your own subjective, inner experience.

Eclipse in your First House

  • You are in the driver’s seat, calling many of the shots.
  • Developing your identity or brand. Website, business cards, etc.
  • Appearance – haircut, wardrobe, etc.
  • Your physical body, physical strength, health.

Eclipse in your Second House

  • Emphasis on resources: skills, possessions, income, earning potential, and health.
  • Emphasis on money, activities, and skills that make you more valuable in the workplace.
  • On a deeper level, developing your self-worth, your value. Discovering what you value most.
  • Buying things you need, selling things you don’t need.

Eclipse in the 3rd house

  • Lots of activity, writing, and technical details.
  • A concern with the car, computer, and other machines of communication and transport.
  • Activity centers in your neighborhood. Changes or interruptions to your daily routine.
  • Activity in your family – especially siblings and relatives other than your parents.

Eclipse in your 4th house

  • Activity centers on private life, home, and family, especially parents.
  • Exciting or stimulating connections to the past.
  • Events/experiences that stir your emotional center.
  • Clearing out the old and welcoming new energies into your home.
  • Involvement with caretaking, security, nourishing, nurturing, cooking, and feeding others.

Eclipse in your 5th house

  • Creative energy and self-expression.
  • Work on an important project, and note your ideas for new projects in the future.
  • Activity involving children in your life.
  • Connection to your inner child.

Eclipse in your 6th house

  • A concern with health routines, digestion, and diet.
  • Organizing, tidying the home and workplace.
  • Creating and changing your routine.
  • Involvement with pets.
  • Changes in the workplace.
  • New employees and coworkers.

Eclipse in your 7th house

  • Activity centers on one or more important relationships.
  • Working with others.
  • A call for compromise.
  • Others may be calling the shots.
  • The 7th house deals with both cooperation and conflict.

Eclipse in your 8th house

  • An emotionally intense period.
  • Deal with past trauma
  • Look for opportunities for healing.
  • Closing the door on an old chapter now can open up new options in the future.
  • Involvement with credit, finance, investments.
  • Possible inheritance or sale of a resource.

Eclipse in your 9th house

  • A “Traveling Jones,” curiosity and desire to learn.
  • Leaving behind old beliefs, seeking a new way of looking at the world.
  • Developing wisdom.
  • Opportunities to learn, teach, grow, publish, and experience other cultures.

Eclipse in your 10th house

  • A concern with your career, goals, public life.
  • An Eclipse here brings public attention, fame, recognition for your accomplishments (and screw-ups!).
  • Focus on the rules, enforcing the rules, creating workable structures.

Eclipse in your 11th house

  • Involvement with friends, peer groups, the community.
  • The 11th is a fortunate house where others tend to wish you well.
  • Changes in your social life, social circle.
  • Business and personal connections, altruistic or humanitarian activities.

Eclipse in your 12th house

  • A concern with spiritual goals and activities.
  • The unconscious is active. Pay attention to dreams and intuition.
  • Energies naturally turn inward.
  • Meditation recharges your battery.
  • 12th = “hidden enemies” or covert-aggression. (If that’s the case, you might find out ~3 months or 6 months from the Eclipse date.)

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