Libra – Cardinal Air – the Scale

Libra’s strengths and weaknesses

Balanced Opportunistic
Diplomatic “Peace at any price”
Refined Style more important than substance
Artistic Impractical
Just, fair Indecisive
Objective A yes-person
Graceful Lazy
Charming Confrontational (in a “devil’s advocate” sort of way and sometimes a “Miss Manners” sort of way)
Creates beauty & harmony Avoids confrontation on issues that matter
Good with one-on-one interactions

This is the glyph for Libra. It represents an old-fashioned scale, in which 2 sides had to balance to determine the weight of something.

Libra is the cardinal air sign. Cardinal signs are the most direct. Air signs are the most communicative. Planets in Libra indicate a need for one-on-one communication. Librans have a talent for diplomacy and seeing things from other people’s point of view. They have an innate sense of fairness.

Because Librans can see things from multiple perspectives, they have a hard time making decisions. Both sides look reasonable, and they want to come out of it looking good. They need a good, impartial friend whom they can talk it out with. Then things will look much clearer.

 Venus is the ruler of Libra. Librans appreciate beauty, art, and aesthetics. Where you have Venus in your chart indicates an area where beauty and harmony are very important. Here you have the gifts of grace and charm, and a refined sense of taste.

The other side of Venus is laziness. Sometimes you will find a Libra who is sloppy as the day is long. It’s just two sides of the same coin— love for the finer things in life. For some, it’s broken in sweat pants, beer, and a couch; for others, diamonds and gourmet dining.

Librans tend to see themselves through other people. If they are around negative people, they absorb a negative view of themselves. That’s why it is very important for Librans to have good friends whom they can trust.

Balance and harmony are so important to Libra, that he may try to balance a situation by unbalancing himself, rather than directly addressing the imbalance. This is especially harmful in close personal relationships. Libra is afraid that if he says what is on his mind, the other person won’t like him. So instead of saying anything, Libra will say “I don’t mind,” and let the tension build, even when it’s obvious that something is wrong. He can be very passive-aggressive.

Learning to directly express needs and wants is key for Libra, who can be so focused on the other person and their wants that he forgets that he has a role and responsibility in the relationship. He must also clearly state his boundaries.

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