Taurus – Fixed Earth – the Bull

Taurus strengths and weaknesses

Patient Stubborn
Practical Materialistic
Sensual Greedy
Dependable Resistant to change
Peace loving Lazy
Artistic Negative
Outdoorsy Possessive
Good with money

This is the glyph for Taurus, the bull.

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign. Fixed signs resist change. Earth signs are practical and grounded, and earth is the most solid and the slowest to change of the four elements. Taurus is the most stable and unchanging sign of the Zodiac, known for both her dependability and her stubbornness.

Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, is the ruler of Taurus.

Any planets in Taurus express their energy Slow and Steady. Persistence and patience get Taurus a long way, but unwillingness to change and adapt can block paths for Taurus. Being an Earth sign gives Taurus good business sense, also a keen sense of the value of things and a talent for gardening.

Whether it’s food, love, art, or flowers, Taurus knows when it’s good. Taurus appreciates beauty and likes to indulge in the sensual pleasures and the finer things in life. One might even say, over-indulge: Taurus is prone to laziness.

Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, and Taurus natives often have sensitivity in that area. Emotional tension and stress accumulate in the muscles in the shoulders and neck, for example, and these folks are prone to sore throats. They often have lovely or soothing voices. Many singers are Taureans.

Taurus needs to express negative emotions instead of holding them in. Unexpressed anger and resentment remain un-dealt with anger and resentment, until it all boils over, and Taurus explodes with rage. It ain’t pretty.

For the Venus-ruled, it’s a common trap: you want to be nice, you don’t want to upset your routine, you don’t want to rock the boat. So negative situations are “smoothed over.” I call it “using a band-aid on a tick.” Covering it up won’t heal it, you’ve got to yank it out. Otherwise, you’re carrying a grudge around that keeps getting bigger and drains your energy.

(The same goes for Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign.)

Wherever you have Taurus in your chart shows where you have these strengths and vulnerabilities.

Chart reading tip:

For more information about placements in Taurus in your chart, look at the sign that Venus occupies. Venus in Taurus or Cancer indicates a very tender Taurus with extremely strong security needs. Venus in Gemini or Aries indicates a more intellectual or idealistic Taurus.

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