Pisces – Mutable Water – the Fishes

Pisces strengths and weaknesses

Sensitive Impressionable
Compassionate Martyr, victim mentality
Psychic, open to other people’s emotions
Spiritual Prone to addictions
Intuitive Way too tolerant of bad situations
Artistic, musical Self-Sacrificing
Nurturing, nursing Spacey, confused
Imaginative Escapist
Idealistic Passive

The glyph for Pisces depicts two fish, swimming in opposite directions, bound by a silver cord. Pisces is one of the dual signs, able to sense and understand the duality of our spiritual and material nature. There are many levels of truth, and Pisces understands this innately.

Pisces is the mutable water sign. Water is the most emotional element, and mutable is the most adaptable modality. Pisces are extremely sensitive to energy vibes and tend to absorb the emotional atmosphere around them. The inner world is very rich, and Pisceans often have vivid or prophetic dreams. They are able to “go with the flow” and are usually very easy to get along with. They are great listeners.

Pisceans have a strong urge to care for others, and they make fantastic healers, nurses, and even executives— for their gifts, when channeled properly and combined with a strong sense of purpose, lend themselves well to leadership.

Neptune, the mythological god of the sea, planet of sensitivity and spirituality, is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune’s energy is very creative, artistic, musical. When their creative gifts are nurtured, Pisces can channel the emotional energy around them, creating brilliant, imaginative performances or works of art.

Pisces’ biggest flaw is their tolerance of the intolerable. Sometimes they are too easygoing and allow bad situations to continue for far too long. It is okay to say no.

Pisceans need to feel a spiritual or psychic connection with the world around them. It is so strong as to be overwhelming, and Pisces sometimes choose to numb it with drugs or alcohol. Or food or television, or any number of means. But they will never escape, for this heightened sensitivity is also their gift. Learning to honor their sensitivity and protect themselves when necessary can help them greatly.

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