Aries – Cardinal Fire – the Ram

Aries characteristics – strengths and weaknesses

Headstrong, courageous Self-absorbed
Impulsive Oblivious to surroundings
Assertive Aggressive
First, self-motivating, initiating Impatient
Honest, straightforward Opinionated
Competitive Argumentative
Youthful Provocative
Idealistic Angry

This is the glyph, or symbol, for the astrological sign Aries. It looks like Ram’s horns. Aries is the sign of the Ram. Its natives tend to solve problems head-on, adopting a direct and straightforward approach to life and relationships.

Aries is the cardinal fire sign. Cardinal signs are the most self-motivating and action-oriented of all. Fire signs are the most idealistic and enthusiastic. In Aries, we have the most restless, active, and inspiring energy in the Zodiac.

Aries’ ruling planet

Mars– planet of high energy, aggression, assertion, arguments, fighting, and sex– is the ruler of Aries. Wherever you have a planet in Aries, or where you have Aries on the cusp of a house, you have this Martian fighting spirit, for better or for worse. Mars is the do-er, the warrior. He has youthful, physically active, and sometimes combative energy. That’s why Aries natives need some kind of physical activity as an outlet for this high energy. They tend enjoy physical activities like sports, dancing, hiking, or peace marches.

Aries characteristics

Rams can be aggressive, self-centered, and impatient.  They are honest, uncomplicated, straightforward, and willing to meet a challenge with enthusiasm and courage.

Aries folks have a need to compete. They thrive on challenge, and they really like to win. Although they enjoy companionship, they are independent and not afraid of solitude. They are very good with new beginnings and unafraid to try new things.

Rams prefer a direct, above-board approach to dealing with other people. Argumentative and quick to anger, Aries will readily express frustrations, but generally does not hold a grudge for long. Those born under more sensitive signs often do not know how to handle the raw, unfiltered energy. The Aries native does not mean to hurt your feelings. But they do tend to speak before their ideas are fully developed.

If Aries’ high energy does not find an outlet, or if anger and resentment become stuck in the psyche, the tension might take itself out on the body. Mars rules the head. Therefore, folks with planets in Aries are vulnerable to headaches, migraines, eye problems, and jaw tension.

Aries people are not spazzes or bullies by nature. This is a very common misconception. I often hear the complaint, “I/he is not like an Aries.” But it turns out the person really is argumentative, impatient, and independent.

Aries people are bold and courageous, although courage is something most people do not recognize in themselves. True courage does not need to make a lot of noise.  You can be courageous and bold and still have a quiet personality. In fact, many Aries people are quite shy. The ram is still a sheep!

Chart reading tip

To refine your reading of an Aries chart, look at the Mars sign. Mars in Taurus, Cancer, Pisces will mellow out an Aries Sun person. If Mars is in Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, the energy shows up as verbal or technical strength. Mars in Virgo or Capricorn suggests a physical application— hard work and ambition.

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