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The rising sign is one of the most important points in your birth chart. Get my free 10-day mini-course designed specifically to help beginners understand and work with the meaning of the rising sign. Download the study guide and get started with the free lessons today.

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Getting into your birth chart is really fun! Your chart is the blueprint for this life journey– and it contains a ton of information about you. The insights often validate and illuminate your lived experience, and there is something really satisfying about that. 

But it’s hard to get there without a guide. When you first start to get to know your birth chart, you soon find out that the birth chart contains a level of detail that can quickly become overwhelming. Thing A means this, Thing B means that, Thing C means this, the rising sign meaning is that… and so on until your eyes glaze over and your brain turns to mush. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone!

Beginner-Friendly Lessons

This free 10-day course slows it all down so you can focus on this one piece of the birth chart and get to know it well. We’ll break down the interpretation to make it simple, digestible, and understandable. You’ll be guided to examine your rising sign from a few different angles, so that you get a deeper and broader understanding of yourself.

When you finish this mini-course, you’ll have a better understanding of your rising sign meaning. And maybe you’ll learn a bit about yourself in the process.

When you sign up, you’ll get an email welcoming you to the course. You’ll get a series of follow-up emails, each with an easy assignment designed to help you learn that week’s lesson and prepare for the next.

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If you have studied astrology at any level, you know it can get overwhelmingly nerdy and technical sometimes. But this workbook sets aside the jargon and guides you, step by step, through a ridiculously simple, powerful timing technique that anyone can use– even if you don’t “speak astrology.”

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What my students are saying

Molly helped me figure out what astrology is, and what it isn't. With her straightforward approach, her friendliness and honesty.
What a labor of love! Step by step. I always got confused about which planets to look at and what was most important. You make it clear – Thank you!!!
Learning from Molly is like a coffee chat with a caring person who truly wants to lift others up into the healing world of astrological knowledge.

Molly Gauthier, CNTP - Astrologer and Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 1990s and discover astrology again. I remember being a new student, looking up my sign placements and aspects for the first time, finding all of these wonderful nuggets of truth and validation.

The best feeling is when the truth-nuggets start to come together and form a picture that reveals even deeper truths. The chart comes to life… and the light turns on.

I love that.

I help people who are excited about astrology take their knowledge and skills to the next level. I also practice medical astrology and nutrition therapy to help individuals identify and address deeper issues and meanings impacting their health.

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