A few years ago, I made the agonizing decision to end a long friendship that had been very important to me. Why? Because just about every time I spoke with this friend, my heart hurt. He was beating me up with words, delivering poison darts straight to my heart, emails that rendered me literally sick for days. The friendship that once saved my life had become more toxic than I could bear anymore.

What does Astrology have to do with Architecture?

Molly’s Astrology received a mention in a new book about sustainable architecture! That’s cool, you say. But why? What does astrology have to do with architecture?

April 18, 2015 NEW MOON in Aries: Treasure Mapping Time!!

This is a fun project, highly recommended for the New Moon in Aries! THIS Saturday, April 18, around 1 p.m. Mountain Time. You have two days after that moment to complete your treasure map.

The hitch in my giddyup - Mars and my adrenals

In a nutshell: I have been suboptimal.

Baby, I'm a Firework!

Here it comes, my friends! Another long-winded post about my health. A few readers have asked how I am doing since I first posted about my illness back in March. I am sorry I have not kept you all in the loop. This illness and its treatment are not part of the world of medicine that most people are familiar with. Treatment is not familiar or straightforward. Indeed, there have been a thousand little tweaks and details along the way. It’s hard to write about it when your head is caught up in the particulars, and that’s where I have been for some months.