The hitch in my giddyup - Mars and my adrenals

In a nutshell: I have been suboptimal.

Baby, I'm a Firework!

Here it comes, my friends! Another long-winded post about my health. A few readers have asked how I am doing since I first posted about my illness back in March. I am sorry I have not kept you all in the loop. This illness and its treatment are not part of the world of medicine that most people are familiar with. Treatment is not familiar or straightforward. Indeed, there have been a thousand little tweaks and details along the way. It’s hard to write about it when your head is caught up in the particulars, and that’s where I have been for some months.

Poisoned! Neptune square Neptune, chapter 2

Poisoned. Poisoned!!! 30 years of being poisoned. And I was so poisoned that I didn’t recognize it even when the answer was right there in my face.

Mars retrograde in Libra

Every 2 years, Mars appears to slow down in the sky, then move backwards for about 80 days. Mars by nature moves forward and takes action. That’s why Mars retrograde, when he appears not only to slow down and stop, but to move backwards, is so stressful. The Mars impulse is dampened, thwarted, forced to retreat. The one who initiates a conflict tends to lose when Mars is retrograde. Backfires, accidents, explosions, and injuries are more likely. Old arguments loop through our minds like bad pop songs. We are cranky, impatient, and easily frustrated. Projects tend to drag, and machines break down.

Neptune square Neptune

I have told many clients about the “astrological midlife crisis” that happens to everyone around age 40 to 42 – Uranus opposes your natal Uranus, and Neptune squares your natal Neptune.

I already knew a lot about the Neptune square Neptune transit as I was going into it. I knew it would be time to look fear in the face and let go of the past. I knew I would be extra sensitive. I also knew that difficult transits don’t deny you the goodies. They just tell you that it’s going to be a lot of work to get to the goodies. So I expected all of that.

What I didn’t expect was…