So I've been promising you all this new website, and...

Naturally, as an astrologer specializing in electional work, I will be launching the new website at an astrologically auspicious time, possibly as soon as February 18.

My Uranus opposition: becoming the Halloween fruit lady and more

How a sugar-binging little girl grew up to be a nutritionist who reads scientific studies for fun, and the lady who hands out fruit at Halloween. Thanks for reading my story.

Jupiter in Virgo, the Pisces Full Moon, and the Emperor's New Clothes

A bomb went off in the holistic health world over the weekend. An exposé by Dr. Kaayla Daniel titled Hook, Line, and Stinker asked some serious questions and received some surprising answers about a product that was promoted as pure and healthy. The “fermented” cod liver oil product in question apparently falls far short of the promises of the manufacturer and the endorsements it has received for almost 10 years from respected sources, most notably the Weston A. Price Foundation— of which Dr. Daniel is vice president. Awkward!!!


A few years ago, I made the agonizing decision to end a long friendship that had been very important to me. Why? Because just about every time I spoke with this friend, my heart hurt. He was beating me up with words, delivering poison darts straight to my heart, emails that rendered me literally sick for days. The friendship that once saved my life had become more toxic than I could bear anymore.

What does Astrology have to do with Architecture?

Molly’s Astrology received a mention in a new book about sustainable architecture! That’s cool, you say. But why? What does astrology have to do with architecture?