Venus Retrograde 😍 May 13 – June 25, 2020

Venus retrograde dates

  • May 13 – June 25, 2020 in the sign Gemini

Venus Retrograde in the age of COVID-19

In astrology, the love goddess Venus governs money, beauty, and social interactions. Any retrograde planet alters the pattern and stirs things up. We’re already in this strange, surreal time of social distancing. It’s already weird. It’s probably going to get weirder.

venus retrograde - awkward!

May 2020: Around the time that social distancing guidelines are relaxing, Venus will already be in Gemini, a social sign. Ahhh… people again! How nice to feel normal again after 7 long weeks at home. But here’s a warning. Venus will square Neptune (ruler of invisible bugaboos like infection, and co-ruler of viruses) three times, on May 3, May 20, and July 27. As of May 3, here in the United States, some states are moving forward with economic activity that will bring people socially closer. The Venus-Neptune square confirms what the health experts are telling us: this will lead to an increase in the rate of infections and deaths. We’ll start seeing the results of this misguided action around the second Venus-Neptune contact on May 20.

Venus will back up through the Mercury-ruled sign Gemini. Gemini influences commerce, chatter, and systems. Banking, finance, and payment processing systems in particular. It may feel a bit like Mercury retrograde in that regard.

Information (Gemini) that we receive about our situation will most likely continue to be a confusing mixture of opposing messages about what’s really going on, and how COVID-19 is spreading.

What does it mean when Venus is retrograde?

From the earth, if we look up in the sky and watch the motion of the planets against the backdrop of the stars, we usually observe them moving in a forward direction. Occasionally, every celestial body except the Sun and the Moon will appear to slow down in its orbit, stop, and then go backward, or retrograde, for a period of time.

Venus retrograde occurs about every 18 months and lasts about six weeks. Venus represents love, attraction, and money. On a deeper level– your core values. Retrogrades are times when a planet’s energy turns inward and to the past. This condition affects everyone, regardless of your Sun sign. But people born under the Venus-ruled signs Taurus and Libra will feel its influence more strongly.

Venus Rx and love

Relationships are in a re-evaluation phase, as Venus retrograde temporarily shifts the connecting vibe inward. That’s why your connection with you is the most important now. You may think it’s about the other person, but it’s not. It’s about what you’re seeing in the other person that is really about yourself. Look for those deeper meanings.

You may yearn for a past love or struggle to understand your own strange attractions at this time. A new “sizzle” could fizzle out when Venus retrograde is over.  You might experience deep feelings that have their origins in past events. These feelings can be difficult to express or even understand.

Venus Rx and money

Venus retrograde can delay money and payments. Avoid spending a lot of cash on something that you might not like anymore a few months down the road. Experiment with new styles, shapes, and colors. But save your money– unless you really know what you’re looking for. You could find a great bargain if you know how to spot a good deal.

Medical astrology

In medical astrology, Venus is associated with sugar and sweetness in all forms— most notably, blood sugar. Sugar, aka glucose, isn’t bad on its own– in fact, our blood and brains rely on it. At issue is the form the glucose comes in, and how much. Refined sugars cause blood sugar to rise faster than the system can easily cope with. It’s not just sweets and soft drinks that do this. Refined starches and wheat flour do, too. Chips, bread, and breakfast cereals– unfortunately, some of America’s favorite comfort foods.

Notice the impact of sugary and starchy processed foods on your moods. How do you feel about yourself after you eat junk food? Try keeping a food-mood journal while Venus is in retrograde, to self-reflect and see what you learn. Venus retrograde gives us all an opportunity to look deeply at personal and family patterns relating to love, sweetness, and craving. Eating sweets is a poor substitute for enjoying the sweetness of life. Nevertheless, the brain is often reluctant to let go of these comforts. Why? Because sugar hits the same reward systems in the brain that cigarettes and addictive drugs do!

Venus retrograde and weight loss

Venus and Mercury also relate to the thyroid gland. The thyroid responds to a spikey/crashy blood sugar situation by downregulating or decreasing the rate at which the body burns calories. Chronically low blood sugar is one reason that low-calorie dieting results in weight gain over the long term.

This tried-and-true phenomenon received some national attention after the New York Times published this article following up with contestants on the TV show The Biggest Loser in 2016. Low-calorie dieting may be especially counterproductive now, while Venus is weak and under stress. So eat plenty of calories, and make them good calories. Your body doesn’t just digest food; it also reads food to find out what’s up with the environment. Food is information (Mercury). Eating the right amount of good, nutrient-dense calories gives your thyroid the message that all is well in the world, and that it’s ok to crank up your metabolism and burn fat!!

How is Venus retrograde going for you? Leave your thoughts below.

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your insights, especially on how Venus Rx pertains to weight. I have been exercising like crazy and eating in a calorie deficit and have been gaining a couple pounds as a result! I’ve been tweaking every little thing I can to see if the scale will change and it just stays the same. I finally gave in and decided I needed a planetary scapegoat, which I now am calling Venus. I feel relieved to know I’m not doing anything wrong and this is just a wonky time. Thanks again!

  2. You definitely hit all the highlights here. I have Gemini in the 2d house. This week I had my first financial “retrograde,” getting a refund for a trip abroad that won’t happen. Weeks to go….sigh…. will be interesting to see what else might come up. Stay wise, Molly!

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