☂ Mars in Libra • September 14 – October 30, 2021

What does Mars in Libra mean?

“Mars in Libra” on an astrology calendar means that from our perspective here on Earth, Mars is moving through the part of the sky we call Libra. It reflects an energetic atmosphere where we express the energy of Mars in relationships, through relationships, or in response to others. In a birth chart, Mars in Libra means that from our perspective here on earth, Mars was moving through Libra at the moment of your birth, making this other-oriented nature a feature of the “blueprint” that makes you who you are.

Libra rules “duets and duels.” Most of us understand the “duets” part, the partnership-oriented, socially outgoing, stylish, and charming side of Libra. Some of us are also familiar with the “duels” aspect of Libra. If a Libra type becomes angry with you, watch how fast the gloves come off. They may bring their grievances straight to you. But often Mars in Libra aggresses in an indirect way– allying with others against you rather than confronting you directly.

Of course, if your birth chart has Libra planets, you will respond strongly when Mars makes contact with those planets. But I won’t focus on the birth chart for long, because this post is about the “astrological weather” that adds this “other”-focused vibe to the cosmic soup that we’re all floating in.

mars in libra
Libra – the Scales, detail from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar” c.1411

Mars in Libra – September 14 – October 30, 2021

Mars’ entry into Libra this Fall increases calls for justice, fairness, and diplomacy. It stokes the urge to partner up, make others happy, and build bridges of understanding. Mars is the planet of conflict passing through a sign that is notoriously not confrontational. The art of getting through Mars in Libra is finding space to compromise and validate others without losing or undermining yourself in the process.

It’s time to put your focus and effort toward creating harmony and success in partnerships. To learn or utilize your listening, negotiation, and compromise skills. Look for a solution that allows for all sides to be heard and understood. In the most difficult conflicts, a skilled third party, like a therapist or mediator, may be helpful.

Many of us forget that being nice and being kind are two different things. Sometimes the kindest thing is to express your true feelings, even if it rocks the boat. Talking through disagreements until we understand each other and see eye to eye would, of course, be the ideal approach to any conflict. But people are more gun-shy when it comes to conflict now. They may avoid dealing with issues because it’s just too draining to confront them directly. This leaves the issues to fester, which makes them more complicated in the long run.

At its worst, Mars in Libra shows up as passive-aggression, blaming others, holding others responsible for maintaining harmony in your world. Then playing judge, blaming or even attacking them when it does not work. (“Look what you made me do.”) Libra also tends to triangulate. For example, if you have a problem with me, you aggressively “team up” with others against me instead of bringing the problem to me, giving it a chance to resolve. (But there are times when you cannot safely address a problem at its source. Don’t initiate a confrontation if doing so will result in danger or abuse.)

Key Mars in Libra dates

  • Mars enters Libra – September 14
  • ☆☆ Mars trine North Node and Saturn – September 19-25
  • ☂☂ Mars sesquisquare Jupiter and opposite Chiron – September 26 – October 1
  • ☂☂ Mars inconjunct Uranus – October 3-5
  • ☂☂ Mars inconjunct Neptune – October 14-16
  • ☆☆Mars trine Jupiter – October 17-18
  • ☂☂Mars square Pluto – October 19 – 22
  • Mars enters Scorpio – October 30
  • Dates from Molly’s Astrology Calendar

Mars in Libra at work

  • Time to strengthen and nurture relationships and partnerships.
  • You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Use charm and friendliness to advance your goals.
  • Compromise when you can, but don’t “give away the farm” to please others.
  • Good listening skills will give you an edge at work this month.
  • Schedule your most important negotiations and meetings on days when Mars aligns favorably with other planets (☼☼ days).

Mars in Libra in close relationships

  • The focus on the “other” during a Libra time can be a strain on any partnership as the irritability planet transits the sign of relationships.
  • Dominant and uncompromising behavior hurts relationships.
  • Look for the win-win outcome rather than the win-lose.
  • Focus on the partner YOU are, rather than the partner your partner is.
  • If you make a gift or gesture expecting it to be reciprocated, make that clear to the giftee.
  • Magic happens when both partners feel supported and validated in the partnership. Mars then energizes the partnership, allowing for mutuality and collaboration. (especially on the ☼☼ days).

Mars in Libra and your health

  • Mars brings the potential for heat and inflammation to the kidneys and hips.
  • On Mars’ stress days (☂☂ days), upsets and accidents are more likely. Safety first in all your activities.
  • This is a weak point in the 2-year Mars cycle for you, if you were born with Mars in Aries. (Don’t know your Mars sign? Grab your birth chart to find out.)

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for this information and so helpful while I am learning astrology. I appreciate your explanations of how the planets and signs relate. Best Regards, Latonya I.

  2. Molly, this is really interesting. With my Sun being Aries, and my Moon is Libra, I’m not quite sure what to make of these parts of myself. Even more strange, my husband is a Libra Sun, as is my best friend. I’m thinking hibernating for this time period might be best? I wonder how my Rising (Cancer) will deal with this? Meanwhile, I wanted you to know that your course on my Rising Sign has been helpful. There is still so much to learn, especially with the trines, and conjuncts, and such much.

    1. Hi Kia – Mars is likely going to activate these Libra placements, making hibernation more difficult. One of the guiding forces we use with astrology is “use the energy (so it won’t have to use you)”. So get active, motivated, angry, whatever you need to do – but move forward with an awareness of the pitfalls.

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