Mars Direct and the WHOOSH effect

Mars Direct– the WHOOSH effect

There is a phenomenon that I call the WHOOSH time at the end of Mars retrograde.

Mars is the planet of speed, action, and activity. When retrograde, all of this slows as the Mars vibe turns inward and looks back to the past.

After weeks and weeks of this, picture the scene– Mars energy stretched backward like a rubber band. But when Mars retrograde ends and Mars turns direct, we tend to experience a nice little sling-shot of forward momentum. I have come to expect this energy boost 7-10 days before and after the exact date of Mars going direct. This year, that date is January 12.

mars direct is like a rubber band

In my 26 years in astrology, I have found the WHOOSH at the end of Mars rx to be a reliable phenomenon. A welcome boost after weeks and weeks of feeling like I have been swimming against the current.

kitty breaking into a run but not sure what direction
Watch where you point that thing!!

With Mars turning direct in air sign Gemini, it will let the air out of the balloon. It will free up the flow of information, bringing clarity and decision where things were muddy, dull, or stuck before. Words have power– so be mindful of their ability to heal– and also cause harm. My advice? Keep your ear to the ground, and don’t waste this energy boost on small minded gossip. You have more important things to talk about!

In 2020 when Mars went direct in my 6th house, a neighbor rescued two adorable kittens and passed them to me. We had three elderly cats in the house then, so I wasn’t able to keep the little ones long term. But they stayed with me for about a week as I arranged for them to get into a foster rescue system. I was their first human. I loved seeing them open up to getting fed and loved on!!

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  1. Everything is so on target. As you know, I had my ablation surgery in september. So far, everything is good. but pets, oh my. My dog somehow got an eye abrasion and had to wear a cone for 2 weeks. ugh. In the middle of all of this, I just moved. The last few weeks have been a horror but, the worst is over. But the best news is, I’ve moved into a dog community and there are pets galore!! Dogs all over and the owners are very nice. Oh, and I did bump my head once. lol. So sixth house energy it is!

  2. From Susan 3 September 1944, Elkhart County, Elkhart, Indiana, at 9:20 AM

    Good Morning Molly, As usual, your insights are both accurate and extremely helpful. The sling-shot expression fits perfectly. I have felt all I was capable of doing was putting one foot in front of the other and then had to rest a moment. Sometime last year I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), a blockage where the nourishing blood couldn’t get to the life-giving lungs. Besides not breathing, I was told I had Afib and Congestive Heart Failure. The tests were accurate, but not the medications. I am now balancing Thyroid for Afib, meditating more for healing, taking anemic blood and boosting it with nourishing foods like bone broth, and slowly tossing out carefully several of the medications that made my head ‘out to lunch’.
    My point being, it’s been a long slow climb, but all of a sudden I am beginning to see awesome results to everything from my personal health to be able to move out of a basement apartment.
    It feels like a taunt but good tight rubber string!
    Neptune has been hovering over my natal moon with my stellium opposite. If I stick to my spirit work, its amazing what gets done in the physical work. My analysis head always to this day says “Is spirit work real?” and my heart spits back with just look at the results and the joy that is being spread.
    I am currently reading Steven Forrest’s 4 books on the Elements, his style of evolutionary astrology fits my beliefs well. A great choice for this time period for me. The Book of Fire has surprised me most because I don’t think of my self as ‘having any fire’. Its been a great learning experience!

    Blessings and thank you, by the way I am baby-sitting 2 dogs and a tiny kitten for 2 weeks right now…

  3. Quite interesting, Molly. I’m just curious about the folks who aren’t very happy with the results. That’s close to half the country. What might be going on there?

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