The Astrology of the October 2023 Eclipse Season 

This time of year, when I go out for a walk around the yard and garden, a “spider stick” is a must. That’s just a simple tool, a stick that you wave in front of you so you don’t get a face full of cobwebs. Ah Fall. The pumpkin harvest, the chill in the air, and the thinning of the veil between the worlds.

Eclipses are cosmic phenomena that repeat every six months. We follow them not just because of the awe-inspiring nature of the Eclipse event itself. They are amazing, high energy, and interesting events– but they also set the tone for a longer period of time.

As astrologers, we understand that the impact of Eclipses will take a half year to unfold. That’s why delving into the secrets of these two Eclipses and their influence in your birth chart is worth your attention.

eclipse in libra
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Solar Eclipse in Libra • October 14

Annular Eclipse at 21° Libra

The first eclipse of the season, a solar eclipse in Libra, will help us find our balance. Often, the planets’ way of doing this is to bring your awareness to places of imbalance in your life. Watch what happens as the Solar Eclipse vibe begins to stir the pot in the Libra house in your chart.

Eclipses re-shuffle the deck. In Libra, it’s the deck of relationships. The Eclipse will test the strength of relationships and your ability to recognize your own needs as well as the needs of others. You can work through upset or anger, and transform difficult feelings into greater self-awareness. Or you may decide to reclaim your life and make space for yourself, if concern for others’ needs has crowded out your own. Some agreements and relationships will transform, blow up, or end as the South Node drains energy away in the sign of Libra.

Because the Eclipse’s ruling planet Venus appears in practical Virgo, details will be important. Keep your “spider stick” handy, because it’s the little things that have the potential to change and rearrange now. Health issues may take center stage. Digestion, homeostasis (balance of blood pressure, blood sugar, hormones), and the kidneys, hips, and lower back.

In the world of geo-politics, Virgo rules the working class, employment, and labor, so watch what happens with labor unions and strikes in the coming month. Employment being more fluid than in past years, your workplace, or the services you depend on may be subject to these winds of change.

The Eclipse conjoins tricksy Mercury, so double check all the facts moving forward, and take your time with important decisions as this Eclipse chart plays out over the next six months. Slow down and consider the deeper implications, intentions, and issues affecting you now. Take the time you need to retrofit, course correct, and heal those deeper wounds, the impostor syndrome, feeling out of place. Visit a shaman, healer, or bodyworker anytime you need a cleanse or a boost.

a pair of bulls - taurus

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus • October 28

Partial Lunar Eclipse at 05° Taurus

The second eclipse of the season, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th, paints a much more optimistic picture. This Eclipse will help you to dig deep and connect with the sensuality and creativity inside you, and indulge your love of beauty and comfort.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus powers your connection with the things you need and value most in life. Taurus is the money sign, ruling your income, skills, and other resources.

And the Eclipse takes place near lucky Jupiter. Planet of growth, increase, travel, education. A financial education, picking up a practical skill, or having a good look at the numbers, can benefit you long term.

In what house is the Lunar Eclipse in your chart? Work in this realm to bring growth and luck in your life. You meet with abundance and financial benefits here.

Here are some specific ways that the October 2023 Eclipse season may play out for you

Libra eclipse at the South Node

  • Losing yourself in a relationship
  • Compromising yourself
  • Putting your needs last
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Venting your emotions on others
  • Getting into relationships that drain your energy

Taurus eclipse conjunct Jupiter

  • Increase in income and expenses
  • Growth of resources or self-worth
  • Creating wealth or value
  • Indulging the senses
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Spending time in nature

Remember: Allow six months for this Eclipse season’s stories to play out!

What houses in your chart are these Eclipses stirring up? Eclipses in the birth chart houses


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