Mars in Scorpio 🟢 October 13 – November 23, 2023

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Mars in Scorpio

The red planet, Mars, energizes the intense and transformative sign of Scorpio from October 12  to November 23, 2023.

This is part of the astrological “weather” that affects everybody, regardless of your birth sign or your birth chart.

Understanding Mars in Scorpio

As Mars fires up the emotional water sign Scorpio, the vibes of our days fill with intensity, desire, and determination.

Scorpio is Mars’ home sign, where Mars has the most strength and expresses most freely. As above, so below– as Mars moves through Scorpio, (depending on how Scorpio vibes with your birth chart) you might also find that decisions come more easily, and you’re feeling more focused, more determined, more connected to the source of your power.

In addition to being an intensely emotional sign, Scorpio is also financial in nature, connected to the economy, credit, and banking.

Important Mars in Scorpio Dates

Mark your calendar! Here are some key dates to help you take full advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of Mars in Scorpio.
🟢 – energized, enthusiastic vibes to support your plans
🔴 – uppity, irritable vibes present obstacles
  • October 12 – Mars enters Scorpio
  • October 10-13 🟢 Mars trine Saturn
    Upon entering Scorpio, Mars immediately completes a harmonious trine aspect with Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure. This alignment provides an opportunity to create a stable foundation for our actions and ambitions. Under this influence, patience and persistence win the day.
  • October 25-28 🟢 Mars opposite Jupiter*
    A surge of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence as Mars fires up the planet of growth and expansion. Go for your goals related to material success, financial stability, and tangible accomplishments. Avoid overspending or overextending yourself, however, as Jupiter can be excessive in his expression. 
  • October 28-29 – Mercury conjunct Mars*
    Mercury conjunct Mars speeds up our minds and sharpens our communication skills, but you might find patience wears thin as folks want to know RIGHT NOW. It’s an excellent time for persuasive conversations and making strategic plans. Use these days to write, journal, and express your desires and intentions clearly.
  • November 3-5 🔴 Mars inconjunct Chiron
    A sense of discomfort or unease. Mars’ assertive energy clashes with Chiron’s gentleness and sensitivity. Old wounds or insecurities may come up and demand some of your attention. Be gentle with yourself and embrace self-care practices, or seek support from others.
  • November 8-11 🔴 Mars opposite Uranus
    A high-energy, unpredictable few days. Mars’ drive and Uranus’ rebellious nature clash, leading to impulsive actions and sudden changes. Unexpected events might occur, challenging your plans and routines. Stay open-minded and ready for surprises. Exercise caution with your finances and think before acting.
  • November 14-17 🟢 Mars trine Neptune
    Mars forms a harmonious trine with Neptune in Pisces, enhancing our intuition and creativity. This aspect infuses our actions with compassion and spiritual insight. It’s a great time for artistic pursuits and acts of kindness.
  • November 18 – 21 🟢 Mars sextile Pluto
    Mars sextile Pluto creates an energetic environment where we all feel a bit more motivated to get stuff done and help others do the same. Tackle the hardest jobs. This energetic atmosphere provides a perfect backdrop to bring a complicated project or situation to a place of completion.
  • November 24 – Mars enters Sagittarius

* The Mercury/Mars-Jupiter opposition is embedded in the chart of the October 28 Lunar Eclipse, bringing banking, the economy, the stock market, and financial concerns to the forefront for the next six months.

Key Themes of Mars in Scorpio

  • Unyielding Determination

    Mars’ focus and drive finds a comfortable home within Scorpio’s intense and tenacious vibes. On the 🟢 days, you’ll be more steadfast in pursuing your goals and less daunted by challenges and obstacles.

  • Emotional Depth

    On the 🔴 days, embrace your human vulnerability. This will allow you to navigate the ocean of your emotions with courage and honesty, so you can rise above and not get sucked under by the current. 

  • The power of the shadow

    Every light worker has a “shadow side”. If left untouched in the unconscious, the shadow can control you and negatively impact your work. If understood and embraced, the shadow becomes a source of power. “Shadow work” is not to be taken lightly. The work is difficult, but ultimately self-knowledge builds your power and effectiveness. 

  • Profound Transformations

    Scorpio’s vibe is powerfully healing, allowing for you to shed old patterns and habits.

Mars in Scorpio – the workplace

  • Efforts to get people working together, bringing problems into the open, and sharing power should go especially well on days when Mars aligns favorably with other planets (🟢 days).
  • Obsessive or “workaholic” tendencies can come up. Take a step back if need be.
  • Pay attention to finances and investments. Deal with loans, mortgages, or tax issues. 

Mars in Scorpio – love

  • You can harness the depth and power of Scorpio to create connection with your beloved by acknowledging the less desirable emotions that come up—shame, anger, obsession, jealousy.
  • Look for the fear, sadness, and vulnerability that likely lie at the root of powerful reactions.
  • When Mars is in Scorpio, very deep and powerful emotions influence people’s actions.
  • Stubbornness, resistant attitudes, power-over tactics, and extreme reactions may be stumbling blocks to connection.

Mars in Scorpio – health

  • Heat and inflammation, especially “down there,” as Scorpio rules the bowels and genitals.
  • On Mars’ best days (🟢 days), expect energy levels to be stronger, allowing you to complete the high-energy tasks on your list.
  • Hormone levels may fluctuate. Getting healthy fats in your diet should help (many sex hormones are made up of lipids and fat-soluble vitamins).

This period offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery, passionate pursuits, and profound transformation. Channel your energy wisely, and you’ll navigate the depths with courage and grace, and you’ll be ready to boogie when Mars enters Sagittarius on November 23.

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  1. This was definitely a transformative and activating Mars in Scorpio transit. Thank you for this lovely overview. The layout and explanations are wonderful.

  2. Molly, I just want to say that ever since I found you and your site, I have been immensely pleased. Now if I would only follow more closely what’s going on. You are on point, I want to study.

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