Your 2021 Aries New Moon Treasure Map

Your 2021 New Moon treasure map

This is a fun creative project designed to help you harness your own intuitive knowing and “plant a seed” of intention at a time of year that charges up new endeavors with the pure, focused energy of the Aries New Moon. Once a year, the window opens for two days. The 2021 window opens on April 11 at 10:31 pm ET. You have two days after that moment to complete your treasure map.

treasure map


I have made several treasure maps over the years. It is interesting to witness how they shift and change over time. Yet, there are parts of each of them that still resonate for me.

new moon treasure map 2006


new moon treasure map 2012

The following comes from a book I am very fond of and use often: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.

Spring Equinox Treasure Maps

[An] exciting way to use the power of astrological timing to help make our wishes come true was pioneered by fellow astrologer Buz Meyers. His idea was to use the visual potency of a Treasure Map (a collage) in combination with the Spring Equinox — the first day of Spring — a traditional time of new beginnings! Use the time of the New Moon following the Spring Equinox for creating your Map. You can determine that special day each year by locating the date of the New Moon in Aries in your astrology calendar.


For your Treasure Map, you will need to have the following materials ready in advance:

  • magazines containing pictures of the kinds of events or experiences you would like to have in your life
  • scissors
  • glue sticks (paste or rubber cement)
  • a poster board (the standard 22” x 28” is recommended).

Have your materials ready, but for maximum success, the process of creating your Treasure Map (including the selection of the pictures) must not begin until the New Moon in Aries actually occurs.

Creating the Treasure Map

At the appropriate time, leaf through the magazines and cut out all pictures, photos, or headlines that attract you and set them aside. When you are ready, begin to paste the images and headlines onto the poster board. There are no “rules” for how your Map should be laid out, only that it be filled with images and headlines that feel happy to you and are in alignment with what you would like to manifest in the year ahead.

You may find it natural to put different areas of life on different parts of the board. For example: the pictures of what you would like to occur in your love life on the upper left section; your work desires on the upper right corner, etc. OR, you may prefer to paste the images in a less structured, more flowing way on your Map. Let your subconscious mind, your intuition, and your heart guide you.

As you are creating your Treasure Map, it’s fine to return to the magazines for more images or headlines. In the moment of creative choice, you may find you select images that you hadn’t anticipated as particularly important to you. Of course, the dreams you have wanted for a long time should also be represented on your Map. Feel free to type out your own headlines or draw your own images on your Treasure Map.

Good luck!!

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4 Responses

  1. Awesome, You inspired me to get started on my TREASURE MAP. Lots has happened mentally, physically, and spiritually these last 12 months. But I have no goals or wishes set to continue on with. Working from the point of view of magic, I am inspired to think about what I want personally and how to balance that with how I can best serve others.

    Thanks again for popping my brain open! Susan Scheen

    1. Excellent! When the conscious mind is tapped out, the unconscious can step in and get its point of view in there. Which is often way more right for you anyway. Good luck with your map, Susan!

  2. Very creative!!! This inspired me to do a tarot card reading for the new moon cycle. I pulled IV Sovereignty, The Morrigan from The Dark Goddess Tarot. She is the power of the land, the land itself, and she speaks to us of empowerment – a great choice for an Aries moon.

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