Summer 2020 Eclipse season in the USA

Summer 2020 Eclipse season

Lordy, I don’t even know where to start with this one. I suppose I should start with some astrological background. How did we get here?

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction early this year kicked off a new ~33-year cycle. Saturn says “you must” and Pluto is “transform.” Pluto is the planet of life and death– intense, karmic, and often unconscious “stuff” coming to the surface. Pluto also influences the structures of banking, finance, and power.

This new Eclipse cycle is starting off with crisis so bad, I don’t even know where the bottom is anymore. Protests are filling the streets nationwide. Police, tasked with protecting the public, are instead firing into crowds of peaceful protesters. It’s unclear who is the instigator of the riots and looting in some cities. The President retreated to an underground bunker the weekend before the first Eclipse, and the coronavirus pandemic continues to quietly do its deadly work.

biwheel - USA and Eclipse June 5 2020

Inner wheel: USA chart. Outer wheel: June 5, 2020 Eclipse.
(Click the image for a larger view.)

Run the chart yourself – The United States was born July 4, 1776. The date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. When a baby is born, they take their first breath independently of the mother. The planetary snapshot of that moment is the birth chart. The day that European colonists declared themselves a new nation, the nation they established took its first breath independent from the “mother” country, England. It’s the birth chart of the USA.

Right away we see that the June 5 Eclipse pops the USA’s ascendant, the doorway of the 1st house of race and identity.

Meanwhile, Pluto at 24 Capricorn will soon cross the USA’s Pluto. This is called the Pluto return. It shows us a once-in-248-year period of death and rebirth. In my astrology class on transits, we call Pluto the “cosmic toilet”. Time to bring up the ugly so we can let it go. It is a do or die moment for this country. We must reckon with the abuses of our past, open up our eyes and minds, and figure out how to heal and rise from the ashes.

At the USA’s founding, the colonies were pushing back against control and taxation from a powerful government overseas. It now looks like things have come full circle. We must figure out what to do about yet another heavy-handed, oppressive, out-of-control regime, this time within our own borders.

The dark and difficult Pluto return won’t be fully complete until the end of 2022.

June 5 Eclipse

Here’s the first in the series of three Eclipses this Summer: a Lunar Eclipse on June 5.

chart of the lunar eclipse


The Lunar Eclipse appears in Sagittarius, sign of the law and its enforcers. And it squares Mars, planet of war, fighting, and violence. It’s easy to see Mars in the historic protests taking place in early June as the Moon waxes toward this Eclipse. Mars is in Pisces, sign of confusion, misinformation, lies, and infection– and Mars is moving toward the ruler of Pisces, the planet Neptune— emphasizing those dangers even more. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this really worries me. I’m concerned about how this will play out into the Fall.

This is a South Node eclipse, highlighting the exit of the old dogma and worldviews.

June 21 Eclipse

What’s next? Here’s the chart for the Solar Eclipse, June 21, 2020.

If the Lunar Eclipse that started the season was about the Police (Sagittarius), the Solar Eclipse on June 21 is about the People (Cancer). The North Node Eclipse at 00° Cancer shows something new and unfamiliar emerging that impacts our homes and families, the way we nurture and nourish ourselves. Agriculture and the food supply chain.

We have never been here before in our history, with a rogue President and martial law on the table. At some point, safety will be the primary concern. But it will take some time to settle into a rhythm, as the situation will shift, change, and adjust before “new normal” really sets in. I’m also seeing the possibility of another stay-at-home period.

Personally, I see gardeners, small farms, and local food (Cancer) making a resurgence. The farm store chain Tractor Supply Company’s stock has more than doubled since the pandemic lockdown started in March.

The Eclipse’s closest aspect is an inconjunct to Saturn in Aquarius, sign of technology. This may signal that new technologies will be deployed in the national election in November. (My biggest concern is the new deepfake technology.) But the inconjunct suggests an awkward rollout that might backfire.

July 5 Eclipse

Finally, there will be a second Lunar Eclipse on July 5.

The July 5 Eclipse in Capricorn connects with the (Saturn-Pluto) Changing of the Guard that we are witnessing worldwide. The Eclipse trine Uranus shows a “waking up,” a crack in the wall that lets some truth through.  Since Uranus is in financial sign Taurus, this may symbolize important financial disclosures. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Trump’s tax records could surface at some point. If not now, potentially 90 days from now. [update] The 13 Capricorn Eclipse opposing the USA chart’s Sun (the President) supports this.

Together, these three Eclipses tell a story that will play out over the next six months, collectively in politics, business, and culture– and individually for each of us.

Where will the summer 2020 Eclipse action play out in your life?

Run your birth chart. (You’ll need an accurate birth time to read the houses.)

Which house in your birth chart contains 00° Cancer? This is where you’ll have to make some adjustments. Security concerns, new habits, new sources of nourishment. The house that contains 15° Sagittarius is where you’ll be called on to let go of outdated beliefs and rituals. The house with 13° Capricorn, be open to new ideas and reforms.

The Eclipses will activate these houses for a six-month period. (roughly June-December)

What does it mean? Eclipses in the birth chart houses

Do you have a question about the summer 2020 Eclipse season? Leave it below.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Molly

    An interesting read. Thank you.

    I’d also consider the square of the waning Moon to the Sun on 13 June. The Moon will be conjunct Mars and Neptune in Pisces This triple conjunction also squares the Sun in Gemini. There are stormy waters ahead.

    We have aggression, illusion/denial, powerlessness and infection at play here with a moon (the people) in its disseminating phase. Neptune in Pisces describes Covid. It feels very chaotic and undermining. The effects of the events which will come to a head at the full moon eclipse will start to be felt more widely.

    The impact will be felt most strongly where it squares, conjuncts or opposes planets at 21-22 in mutable signs

    In the US chart this transit impacts the Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Virgo square at 21-22 degrees mutable.

    In Trump’s chart it impacts on his Sun/Moon opposition in Gemini Sagittarius at 21-22 degrees. He will find himself navigating very stormy seas and his response may be inappropriate.

    1. Nicola, thank you so much for your analysis.

      I just think how symbolic it is to have Neptune in the third decan of Pisces and how it feels like COVID is Neptune’s ‘end game’ rattling through the third decan into Neptune in Aries, the Aries point, the war point. Albeit there will certainly be some respite, as Neptune retrogrades into the 2nd decan, but I think as soon as Neptune goes over the 3rd decan it will continue to build up towards war. As astrohawk11 put it:

      “The last time Neptune entered Aries was April 13 1861, the day after the American civil war started. The last time Neptune entered Aries was April 13 1861, the day after the American civil war started. 82 years before that, Neptune entered Libra opposite the Aries point, which coincided with the American War of Independence turning into a global war in 1778. These facts are a good indication of what will happen in the future when Neptune enters Aries.

      Also, 4-5 years before this happens, the world will have a rare Saturn conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, which hasn’t happened for over 500 years. This conjunction will be opposite the United States sun sign of Cancer. This will be a new beginning for some kind of power and control dynamic of the country which leads to Neptune entering Aries a few years later, possibly correlating to global war again.

      Another indication of possible global conflict for the decade of the 2020s is the Uranus cycle, which i won’t get into detail here, but i will say that it was 1934 the last time Uranus was at the degrees in Aries that it’s at today. That’s when the German people were building themselves up for what was to become. When Uranus entered Taurus WWll was on, the revolution was about fighting for new values. Uranus will once again enter Taurus in 2018 – 2025, right when Neptune conjuncts the Aries point.

      In my opinion this indicates an escalation and build up to another global war, anywhere from around 2018 – 2025.”

      He wrote this in 2016.
      Link below:

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