How to find your Moon sign (in 3 easy steps)

Most people are aware of their Sun sign. That’s your horoscope sign. Your horoscope is based on your birthday, regardless of the year. Your Moon sign shows another side of your personality, the behind-the-scenes you. But it takes a little more calculation to find.

The sign of the Moon shows your softer, feeling side. What makes you feel comfortable, nurtured, soothed. And it only takes a few minutes to find out what your Moon sign is.

Step 1: Run your birth chart

It’s easier than it sounds, and free! See my instructions to calculate your birth chart. Save or print your chart, if you wish. 

Step 2: Find the symbol for the Moon in your birth chart. 

Here’s the Moon glyph:
(’s version points the other way, but it’s the same Moon.)

Follow the small line pointing to the Zodiac signs on the outer edge of the wheel– like this:

moon in cancer
Taylor Swift's Moon in Cancer

Step 3: Identify the sign by its glyph

Refer to this list of astrological symbols (also known as glyphs) to identify the sign that the Moon’s pointer points to.

If the pointer doesn’t make your Moon sign clear, check the table in the bottom left corner of your chart.

Now you know your Moon sign! That sign describes your feeling side. Your Sun sign describes who you are “out in the world,” but your Moon sign is your emotional, private self– who you are in your home and family. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you now fee like you know how to find your Moon sign. Leave a comment below with your Moon sign!

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  1. I’m really happy to say that your article has been very helpful to me. I am studying astrology and appreciate the information that helps me delve deeper into this topic.

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