Mars in Virgo • July 29 – September 14, 2021

You might notice a subtle gearing down in the energy as Mars exits romantic, bossy Leo and enters grounded, hardworking Virgo on July 29. Mars in Virgo turns on the microscope and shifts focus away from drama and onto the details, the processes, the moving parts. Efforts to clean up, save time, and get organized, attract energy and interest from others.

Virgo’s territory is the world of work, employment, assistance, and working together. Mars activates our attention to detail, our critical eye, and brings speed, impatience, and new things to the everyday work environment– all of which can be sources of friction and/or motivation now. One person’s helpful, precise, tidy can be another’s pedantic, critical, and irritating.

Key Mars in Virgo dates

  • Mars enters Virgo – July 29, 2021
  • ☂ Mars inconjunct Saturn and Chiron – August 13-18
    • Adjusting health routines
    • Experiencing resistance that you don’t understand
    • Being bothered by physical or emotional pain
  • ☆☆ Mars trine Uranus – August 19-22
    • High energy
    • Removes barriers to change, truth, and authenticity
  • ☂☂ Mars opposite Neptune- August 9 – September 2
    • Confusion about processes, details
    • Careful around water, toxins, heavy machinery
  • ☆☆ Mars trine Pluto – September 3-6
    • Energy returns; the way forward appears
  • Mars enters Libra – September 14
  • Dates from Molly’s 2021 astrology calendar

Mars in Virgo in the Workplace

  • The details come together quickly– or blow up fast– when Mars brings the action, heat, and speed to the workplace.
  • Check-in with the office nerds.
  • Adapt and update your systems and processes.
  • Equipment or software upgrades in the home and office should go especially well on days when Mars aligns favorably with other planets (☼☼ days).

Mars in Virgo in Close Relationships

  • Choose your words carefully as you negotiate the everyday details of life.
  • Demands of work may take time and energy away from close relationships.
  • Nit-picking, critical, or pedantic tones can be a stumbling block, especially on days when Mars is under stress (☂☂ days).

Mars in Virgo and Your Health

  • Hangry! Digestive upset can make everything just feel wrong. Stay away from foods that you know make you feel gross or in a bad mood.
  • Exercise can help your digestion, metabolism, and help settle your mood.
  • Inflammation impacts the Virgo digestive process, the small intestine, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and abdominal organs.
  • Flare-ups of chronic digestive issues, especially on stress days (☂☂ days).
  • If you were born with Mars in Pisces, the Mars in Virgo period is a weak point in the 2-year Mars cycle for you.

(Don’t know your Mars sign? Go to and calculate your birth chart to find out.)

image: Wikimedia Commons

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