Mercury and Mars retrograde, 2018: Here’s how it winds down

Look up in the sky. What do you see? Not much of a Moon these days… because just a few days ago the Moon was new – a Solar Eclipse in Leo, to be exact. You might see Mars extra bright in the night sky as we pass by in our orbit, making Mars appear to move backwards, or retrograde.

But times are changing. We just saw Mars move back from Aquarius into Capricorn, which is much more comfortable territory for Mars. This means easier vibes for most of us, for the remaining 2 weeks of Mars retrograde. Mercury retrograde ends on the 19th, and Mars retrograde will finally wind down on the 27th.

Something else just showed up in the mix about a week ago: Jupiter trine Neptune. A trine blends the energy of the two planets in a beneficial way that promotes movement and brings opportunity. Jupiter signals abundance and good luck, shortcuts, and is associated with education, travel, and expanding your horizons. Neptune is a dreamy, spiritual planet, the planet of illusions. He rules over the theater, decorating, fantasizing, art, movies, and music. Despite the retrogrades weighing on us in mid-to-late August, this is a great time to be involved with any of these areas.

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It’s also a great time to have a psychic reading or a deep conversation, visit the ocean, or take a spiritual journey, as Neptune is the planet that rules over our spirituality and connection to divinity. Your prayers and rituals have great power this month!

Neptune is a watery planet. Both planets appear in water signs. So we may see a lot of rain this week. This threw a literal wet blanket on potentially violent white supremacist demonstrations in Washington this weekend. And it might also help quench some of the wildfires burning out west.

Something else to watch out for: we all get a bit “high” on Neptunian energy! So be mindful that it is very easy this week to get too intoxicated, overlook matters of importance, and promise more than you can realistically deliver. Enjoy the energy, but keep your senses about you.

Until next time,
Molly Gauthier

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge… 🙂 our family is certainly going through some challenges relating to property left to us by a sibling… I sure hope the retrogrades aren’t going to complicate things …. eeek… 🙁

    have a fabulous August… 🙂

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