2019/2020 Eclipses 🐐 Have you outgrown your container?

2019/2020 Eclipse season

I know the astrology is getting intense when astrological “muggles” (non-geeks) start asking me if Mercury is retrograde. The answer right now is no, not this time. But there’s a lot of big energy in the sky coming to a head at the same time as the 2019/2020 Eclipse season is starting to play out. That’s what folks are picking up on.

If it’s not Mercury retrograde, what is it?

A  heavy, burdensome Saturn-Pluto conjunction comes into its peak strength in early January. With it, crisis and contraction on the geopolitical level and– for many of us– the personal level too. Saturn represents the “musts” of life. Pluto is intense, karmic, and often unconscious. Each in our own way, this conjunction calls us to step up and do our deep work.

On this New Year, think carefully about your resolutions. Because a new 30-year Saturn-Pluto cycle is about to begin. It has to do with big business and finance, countries, politics. On a personal level, Pluto represents unfinished karmic business. Pluto rules the bowels and elimination– and one way or another, we all have to deal with our “s#!t” before we can transform it.

Back to the 2019/2020 Eclipse season…

The true story I’m about to tell you isn’t the heaviest story in my life right now. But it’s kind of a perfect illustration of how I’m seeing this Eclipse season come together.

On Tuesday, my websites went down. When I brought this up to tech support, my hosting company informed me that my shared server was under a DDOS attack. Essentially a kind of cyber bombing aimed at some other website hosted on the same server as mine– and I got caught in the crossfire.

I was already aware that web-hosting-wise, I had outgrown my container. I had planned my move for a few months down the road.

But with my sites down… and this being the best month to sell my astrology calendar… moving to a new server had suddenly rocketed to the top of the priority list.

morgie demonstrates outgrowing your container
I have outgrown my container.

And that seems like a perfect metaphor for what I’m seeing now in the Eclipse symbolism. Somewhere in your life, I bet you have outgrown your container, too.

In these next paragraphs, I’m going to lay out the symbols of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and help you decode their influence in your world.

The symbols involved

The Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019, takes place in Capricorn, near the South Node of the Moon. Because it’s a South Node Eclipse, it focuses the lens on the past, on those rules, structures, and traditions that are flowing out of your life.

December 2019 Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse conjoins Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The tester of the boundaries. Jupiter might “push you out of the nest” somewhere in your life, as it did for me. And this is not bad news. Because the Eclipse and Jupiter both are in an easygoing trine to Uranus, changes can go more easily and work out to unexpected benefit. You might find a great new opportunity that sets you on a new path.

The Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020, is another story. It connects directly to the center of intensity in the sky right now. Lunar Eclipses show you what is emerging from within you. And right now, in some part of your life, there is a push-pull between your urge to be comfortable, safe, and able to care for yourself and others (Eclipse in Cancer) on the one hand. On the other hand, there are all the reasons why not. The obstacles, limitations, and the logistics (Eclipse opposite Mercury) as well as the deeper, karmic “stuff” you must work through to let go, to make way for the structural overhaul that must take place (Eclipse opposite Saturn and Pluto).

January 2020 Lunar Eclipse

Together, the two Eclipses tell a story that will play out over the next six months, collectively in politics and public trends and individually for each of us.

Where will the 2019/2020 Eclipse action play out in your life?

Run your birth chart. (You’ll need an accurate birth time to read the houses.)

Which house in your birth chart contains 04 degrees Capricorn? This is where you might “outgrow your container.” And which house has 20 degrees Cancer? That’s where you’ll be tested. You’ll need to take responsibility for what hasn’t worked, dig deep, and work through something big.

The Eclipses will activate these houses for a six-month period. (roughly December-June)

Eclipses in the birth chart Houses

molly caroling
Wishing you the happiest of holidays

I want to thank Anuj at Feedspot for including this blog in the Top 100 Astrology Blogs listing. Woot!

Do you have a question about the 2019/2020 Eclipse season? Leave it below.

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11 Responses

  1. Just want to make sure I understand the directions… find where 4 degrees of Capricorn exists in natal chart, right? So if my chart shows Capricorn at the line between houses at 9 degrees and 15 minutes, that means 4 degrees Capricorn actually happens in the house before that line? (And the opposite is true for Cancer; i.e. 20 degrees Cancer exists past the line.) Hope my question makes sense. Thanks!

    If I’ve interpreted the instructions correctly, the results are uncanny because these are exactly the two areas of life that have all of my attention right now: relationships (7th house) and income (2nd house). The shift to these 2 areas suddenly becoming the most important things in my life actually happened BEFORE these eclipses… is that possible?
    Wasn’t there an eclipse in Capricorn over the summer? Could that have kicked this off?

    1. Oh I just noticed a mistake, maybe… are these points inherently 180 degrees apart? If one is in the 7th house, shouldn’t the other be in the 1st house (instead of the 2nd)? I must be misreading something.

      1. The Sun moves roughly 14 degrees in-between the New Moon Eclipse (Sun conj Moon) and Full Moon Eclipse (Sun opp Moon) so they are 180°+~14 apart. That’s how they can occur in houses that do not oppose one another.

    2. Hi Sarah! Yes, you have got the right idea about the houses. And yes, it may have to do with the prior set of Eclipses– Solar at 10 Cancer and Lunar at 24 Capricorn in July 2019. Sometimes there is an event connected to the Eclipse that occurs 90 days BEFORE the Eclipse as well – around the end of September. Further food for thought.

  2. For the solar eclipse, it is in my 3rd house, Trine pluto in my 11trh house.
    for the Luna eclipse, its in my 10th house and opposing my 4th house with sun mercury saturn and pluto. and squaring my south node in my 1st house. My life will unfold and I hope nothing too painful!

  3. This is probably one of the best (and most simple and straightforward) descriptions I have seen for this eclipse season. Thanks, Molly. This is why you are also a great teacher!

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