This is Getting Serious 🐐 Jupiter in Capricorn 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn: December 2019 – December 2020

On December 2, 2019, Jupiter will enter Capricorn for the first time since 2008.

Every planet in the sky is an archetype that influences a wide variety of energetically similar ideas and objects in our world. As above, so below.

Jupiter’s unique vibe is one of movement, growth, and transcending limitations. Jupiter’s astrological archetype is big-hearted, broad-minded, well-read, friendly, and outgoing. The eternal optimist who loves a good adventure and never fears to take a risk. At its core, Jupiter represents the urge to grow, explore, and expand your horizons.

Rules? Limits? I never heard of ’em.

Jupiter visits a new sign every year or so. Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius in 2019 brought with it new ideas, philosophies, insights. New doors opened up. New options appeared. A vision emerged.

But 2020 will be different.

As soon as Jupiter moves into Capricorn, the sign of commitment and hard work, the rubber meets the road. Are you going to bring that vision into material form, or not?

Jupiter “in its fall”

Every planet has a sign or 2 that it rules or influences. The ruling sign is a close match for that planet’s energy– that sign is the “home base” for that planet. Every planet also has a sign it’s “exalted” in. The exaltation sign is like being in your best friend’s home– a comfortable, uplifting place where you can express yourself freely.

As far as Jupiter is concerned, Capricorn is neither of these. As soon as Jupiter crosses the cusp into Capricorn, he’s out of the home sign and stuck hanging out with the opposite team of the best friend. In technical terms, we say Jupiter is “in fall” in Capricorn.

Jupiter is most “happy” when engaged in expansion, but Capricorn is a sign of contraction and consolidation.

Capricorn does not cancel Jupiter, but it may slow growth and mute Jupiter’s natural optimism.  There will be limits and obstacles to the expansion you’re seeking. If one path is blocked, you must focus and concentrate on what you can do. Try not to dwell on the impossible. Jupiter will test the boundaries, but must also respect the boundaries, the limits of trust.

Birth chart placements in Capricorn

Jupiter turns up the volume on the Capricorn channel. This doesn’t turn us all into Capricorns. But it will at some point in 2020 draw on Capricorn natives to express (temporarily) the qualities of Jupiter:

  • Generosity
  • Expansiveness
  • Interest in travel
  • Contact with people from other cultures
  • Involvement in education, religion, politics, or the legal system

A solid plan wins the day

Jupiter is the “cosmic magnifying glass” that expands and grows whatever he touches. When Jupiter moves through Capricorn, you might find yourself with added responsibility, more work on your plate.

Note Capricorn’s house/s in your birth chart. That’s where you’ll be called on to get focused, take charge, expand your authority. A methodical, well-planned, dutiful approach opens doors.

Capricorn is a goal-oriented sign that methodically climbs the mountain, step by step, to great heights. The first step is knowing where you’re going. From there, you can grow your skills, build your business, prioritize, and organize. Get clear on the commitments that matter most to you– and focus on them. Build the structures that allow you to get more work done with less effort. Rest when you need to.

The downside of Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter is the archetype of the teacher, preacher, and know-it-all. Because Jupiter is expressing through the exacting sign Capricorn, the ‘splainers will come out in force. We’ll see petty, snippy, or even downright judgy and patronizing behaviors. Resist the urge to underestimate someone’s intelligence or see your own perspective as more worthy. You’ll never know the whole story if you don’t listen.

Jupiter can imply there is “too much” of Capricorn. Meaning: too serious, too strict, too structured, too cold. Fearful of exploring. Jupiter can magnify Capricorn’s tendency toward caution, rigidity, a glass-half-empty approach.

The impact of Jupiter in Capricorn

  • Industries associated with Capricorn are due for an update or (controlled) growth spurt: building materials, chiropractors, mining, engineers, the government, elder care. The rule of law.
  • People ruled by Capricorn will encounter opportunities for growth: architects, builders, managers, executives, engineers, organizers, elderly people, goat farmers.
  • Places where you’ll encounter legal situations, opportunities to get educated, and places to visit for inspiration: architectural marvels, farms, fields, memorials, mountains, and rocky areas.

Dates of Jupiter’s previous journeys through Capricorn

  • December 2007 to January 2009
  • January 1996 to January 1997
  • January 1984 to February 1985
  • February 1972 – February 1973 (with a retrograde back into Sagittarius for 2 months in the Summer)
  • On and off between March 1960 and November 1961
  • November 1948 – November 1949 (with a dip into Aquarius in the Spring)

Think back to your personal history. If you notice a pattern, that might help you anticipate the opportunities and situations you’ll meet with again in 2020. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme!

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