The Pisces Lunar Cycle and the COVID-19 crisis

The Astrology of the Coronavirus crisis

In astrology, the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune represent invisible bugaboos like infection. Cold and flu season tends to appear during the Pisces Lunar cycle, no matter what. What makes this cycle so remarkable? What’s the astrology of coronavirus?

Pisces Lunar cycle

Firstly, we have the Lunations of February 23 and March 9. New Moon in Pisces, and Full Moon almost exactly opposite Neptune, ruler of Pisces. That makes it a super-Piscean cycle.

If the New Moon makes a promise, then the Full Moon either fulfills or denies that promise. The Full Moon answers the New Moon’s question.  In this case, the Virgo Full Moon appears directly opposite Neptune in its home sign Pisces. The messages are similar. So the answer to the question, will this Piscean new idea play out to a significant result, is yes.

Meanwhile, oil (Pisces) prices are down, the stock market is tanking, the HBICs still say everything is awesome and America is living the dream… (Pisces)

Jupiter in its fall

Another factor that makes this different from cold and flu seasons in the past is Jupiter has moved into the sign of its fall. Every planet has a sign or two that it rules and another sign that it’s exalted in. Those are the strong, or comfortable, signs for that planet. Then there are the opposite signs, which are the least comfortable. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the opposite sign to Capricorn.

Jupiter is a protector. The bringer of good luck that keeps a bad situation from becoming tragic. But Jupiter is weak when in Capricorn. Defenses are down.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

The background energy for this crisis is the long-term pile-up of challenging planets in Capricorn, the sign of governments and the “system.” This reflects the truth that the system is already under intense pressure. You can make a good argument that this dysfunction has exacerbated a situation that might not have turned out so badly, had the guardrails been firmly in place. The structural response to the crisis here in the USA has been Neptunian– disorganized, confusing, and inadequate. (Yet sadly predictable.) All sizzle, no steak.

Holistic strategies for the COVID-19 coronavirus

The concern with this viral epidemic is not the virus itself. It’s the body’s response to it. The virus kills lung cells. The problem is what happens next. A secondary bacterial overgrowth can set in, feeding on the dead cells from the viral infection. It’s a natural, normal progression. The bacteria helps the body get the gunk out. That’s why the first few days of a cold, you feel bad, then you get snotty.

What kills people with coronavirus is the immune system’s reaction to this state of affairs, which can trigger a “cytokine storm.” The immune system loses its mind (Pisces NM, FM opp Neptune). That can be fatal when it happens in the lungs.

Herbalist Matthew Wood has been sharing his research and experience using folk remedies to combat these flu-like infections. The folk strategy is to focus on one of the body’s first lines of defense, the thermoregulatory system. This is especially important now, because Capricorn is a cold sign that allows dampness and cold to set in. Keep the body’s core warm with nourishing broths and warming herbs like cayenne, garlic, and ginger. Then focus on the periphery – sauna, hot baths, and diaphoretic herbs to allow the “dampness” (the backed up cellular debris) to move out from the core to the periphery, and then out of the body.

Wood focuses on sweating, which is very important. But pooping is even more important in keeping the lymphatic system moving and keeping the body’s “sewer system” clear. ? (Beloved fixed signs take note, especially Scorpios!)

On an optimistic note…

The good news right now is that you have an opportunity to think, and more importantly feel, differently about life. Uranus in Taurus sextile the Moon’s Node in Cancer offers a cosmic bowl of chicken soup, helping you awaken to new ways of giving and receiving acceptance, nurture, and nourishment.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21, bringing some welcome fresh energy with the Spring Equinox.

Until we meet again; wash your hands, my friends!

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2 Responses

  1. very informative and easy to read, Molly.
    I was wondering if retro Mercury added to the mixture; who is after all the medic of the zodiac as I understand it.
    Mercury is exalted and favoured in Virgo (which placement I have , tho I also have it conjunct by 1.5 degrees from Venus in its fall!!!)
    Mercury is the healer with the symbol of the Caduceus indicated by the medical profession.
    Therefore, I can see both Pluto and Mercury exposing the problem , with the virus itself being a dreamy Neptune child in Pisces.
    However, it is a myriad of energies bringing it to the fore right now and how we see the world and its sickness has really shifted a gear or 2.
    e.g. In the London (UK) underground railway, the only people wearing face masks right now are the Chinese and this, I think, is to show everyone
    around them, that they are attempting to protect others from their possible virus signs and thus not exposing them selves to negative attacks by fellow passengers. Fear can be relentless, just observe all those toilet rolls being secretly stock piled- a nice picture for Virgo especially linked with your Pooping comment
    We live in interesting times, as always.

    1. Thank you Janet! It is always a treat to hear from you. Great thoughts on Pluto and Mercury. I read or heard something a while back about the melting permafrost uncovering long-latent pathogenic viruses and bacteria. That seems Plutonian as well– the emergence of long-buried nasties that become intertwined with other nasties like racism and xenophobia. Be well! xoxo

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