Mars in Pisces: a moving target

Mars in Pisces: May 13 – June 27, 2020

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Mars in Pisces lends a passive, free form, unpredictable quality to human activity, actions, and attitudes. Efforts to grow in compassion and understanding should be fruitful, as well as creative, artistic, or musical pursuits.


  • Emotion, compassion, and intuition motivate and drive people to action.
  • New considerations may delay or sidetrack your work. The goalposts and parameters move and shift.
  • Focus does not come easily. People are tired, distractible, and easily confused.
  • Invest time into art and design tasks.
  • Get ready for the pace to speed up dramatically when Mars enters Aries on June 27.


  • Mars in Pisces stirs up the unconscious. This may trigger a release of painful emotions like fear, grief, and loss.
  • Mars in Pisces heightens emotions and intuition. Pay attention to your hunches and instincts. But get grounded in reality before you take action.
  • Aggressive actions may be carried out covertly or directed at the wrong target.
  • Sex is “go with the flow.” Sometimes the river flows strongly, taking you to magical places. Other times it dries up and stops for a while.


  • Allergies, sensitivities, autoimmune illnesses, mood disorders, and addictive behaviors may flare up, especially on Mars’ stress days (see below).
  • Sleep patterns may be unusual or disturbed, with active or violent dreams.
  • Swimming, dancing, or visiting water are especially healthy outlets for discharging physical energy, anger, or frustration.
  • The lymphatic system is like the drainage system of the body. And it’s home to the immune system. Help lymph move by staying hydrated and moving your body. Yoga, t’ai chi, and qigong are especially helpful.
  • If you were born with Mars in Virgo, this will be your weak period in the 2-year Mars cycle. So take things slow. Take a proactive approach to manage stress using meditation, regular exercise, and healthy eating. And be careful not to burn out. (Don’t know your Mars sign? Calculate your birth chart to find out.)

Key Mars in Pisces dates

☼ – harmony and opportunity ☂ – challenge and stress

  • May 13 – Mars enters Pisces
  • ~May 12-14 – Mars trine North Node
  • ~May 22-25 – Mars sextile Uranus
  • ~June 10-13 – Mars conjunct Neptune
  • ~June 16-19 – Mars sextile Pluto and Jupiter ☼
  • ~June 23-26 – Mars square the Moon’s Nodes ☂
  • June 27 – Mars enters Aries

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