Mars in Gemini • August 20, 2022 – March 25, 2023

What does Mars in Gemini mean?

“Mars in Gemini” on an astrology calendar means that from our perspective here on Earth, Mars is moving through the part of the sky we call Gemini. It reflects a general atmosphere that is active, and busy, with information flowing fast and coming in from many directions. In a birth chart, Mars in Gemini means that from our perspective here on earth, Mars was moving through Gemini on your date of birth, making this activated, fast-moving, multi-tasking nature a feature of the “blueprint” that makes you who you are.

Mars is going to be in Gemini for an unusually long time..

Because of Mars retrograde, an 80-day phenomenon wherein Mars appears to be back-tracking, retracing its steps through the Zodiac. So Mars will actually make three passes within Gemini – forward, back, and forward again.

Transit Mars in Gemini August 20, 2022 – March 25, 2023

As Mars exits slow, deliberate Taurus and enters quick-minded Gemini on March 3, time itself may seem to speed up. Mars highlights, activates, and stirs the pot. In Gemini, Mars is in the realm of information, language, and logic. Gemini is the most flexible, adaptable, and versatile of the three social air signs. Gemini is the realm of the everyday– neighbors, coworkers, siblings, relatives, and others in your orbit. 

Mars in Gemini activates an urge to talk, get your point across, be heard. Mars’ competitive side may tempt you to battle it out with words, argue on the internet, or “win” the point. But you’ll get the most valuable and actionable information if you sit back and listen to the ideas and activities swirling around you. 

Mars, Neptune, and the USA

Because Mars is going to engage with Neptune three times on this journey, we need to be extra mindful of the power of words (Gemini) to hurt and harm (Mars). Especially when those words are not true (Neptune). Neptune’s journey through Pisces reflects the truth problem we have had here in the USA. Those who wield poisonous lies like weapons will have a turn on the front pages and in the news in late October and early November– just in time for the USA mid-term elections. I suspect key outcomes will be contested if not outright stolen, and that it will take some time to sort out the facts.

Key Mars in Gemini dates

  • Mars enters Gemini – August 20, 2022
  • ☆☆ Mars sextile Jupiter – August 29-September 1
    • explore, adventure, expand your horizons
    • learn something new
    • sell your product or service
  • ☆☆ Mars sextile Chiron (chapter 1 of 3) – September 15-17
    • opportunity to bridge a divide
    • heal your head, face, shoulders, lungs, arms, hands
  • ☆☆ Mars trine SaturnSeptember 25-28
    • stabilize, formalize, establish rules and boundaries, build trust
  • ☂☂ Mars square Neptune (chapter 1 of 3) – October 9-12
    • spacey, lacking in focus, distracted
    • increased risk of infection
    • gossip can be toxic
    • inaccurate or misleading information
  • Mars turns retrograde October 30, 2022
    • Mars SR at 25° Gemini square Neptune at 25° Pisces
  • ☂☂ Mars square Neptune (chapter 2 of 3) – November 16-19
  • ☆☆ Mars trine Saturn (chapter 2, cliffhanger…) – November 24-28
  • ☆☆ Mars sextile Chiron (chapter 2 of 3) – December 16-19
  • Mars turns direct January 12, 2023
    • Mars SD at 08° Gemini
  • ☆☆ Mars sextile Chiron (chapter 3 of 3) – February 11
  • ☆☆ Mars trine Saturn (chapter 3 of 3) – March 30
  • ☂ Mars square Neptune (chapter 3 of 3) – March 10-14
  • Mars exits its retrograde shadow – March 15
  • Mars enters Cancer (at long last!) – March 25
  • ☆☆ Mars trine Saturn (a whole new story…) – March 30
  • Dates from Molly’s Astrology Calendar
  • Follow along with Cosmic Storytellers Club!

Be careful on Mars stress days, marked with ☂☂. Tempers flare, and accidents are more likely. Good ideas, clear courses of action when you see the ☆☆.

Mars in Gemini at work

  • Workflow is quick-paced, snappy, detail-oriented, with many little tasks and errands. 
  • It’s a busy time. You may have at least 2 different irons in the fire, requiring you to be flexible and multitask.
  • Quick bursts of activity, with a high possibility of a last-minute scramble to a deadline.
  • A great time to study, learn, and explore new ideas.

Mars in Gemini in close relationships

  • With the action vibe in a changeable, unsettled place, your impulses may take you in a number of directions.
  • If this is you, try meditation, binaural beats, or other techniques to settle your mind.
  • Choose your words carefully. We’re all a little fragile now, and sharp words can injure.
  • We all feel like talking and chatting more when Mars is in Gemini– but we get what we need when we listen.

Mars in Gemini and your health

  • High-strung nervous system.
  • Inflammation impacts the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders. The bronchi and lungs.
  • Flare-ups of chronic asthma, arthritis, or nervous conditions, especially on Mars’ stress days (marked with ☂☂).
  • If you were born with Mars in Sagittarius, the Mars in Gemini period is a weak point in the 2-year Mars cycle for you.

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