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I have no fewer than eight fire signs in my chart yet people always term me as calm, easy-going, and sweet. Why am I not a more “fire-y” person?


To provide some background, the three fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. When Shari was born, the Sun, Moon and five other planets were traveling through fire signs.

fire signs

I’m going to call in an expert here to tell us why you’re not bouncing off the walls. Betty Lundsted, in her book Astrological Insights into Personality, explains:

“People with five or more Fire planets are usually quite shy. The old textbooks say these people should be very fiery and attention seeking— but lots of Fire seems to express in the opposite way. Those with lots of Fire are open and joyous and idealistic with people they know well, but they are rather shy in unfamiliar circumstances and around strangers or people they don’t know.”

Think back to campfires you’ve witnessed in your life. Once you get a really good fire going, the bright sparky flames go out. The real heat comes from the smoldering, red-hot coals. This is what really fiery people are like. Warm, passionate, idealistic, and spiritual.

Fire signs are also very self-aware. Especially Aries and Leo. Self-awareness easily translates to self-consciousness, which is another reason why people with lots of fire in their skies are highly creative, but often in a quiet way. They can be extremely shy, withdrawn, and/or self-conscious.

Medical astrology notes

Health-wise, someone with lots of planets in fire signs:

  • May have a greater need for protein.
  • May be sensitive to problematic proteins like gluten (found in wheat and other grains) and casein (found in dairy).
  • Usually has a strong constitution and fast metabolism.
  • Runs hot. May have a red, ruddy complexion.
  • Gets dehydrated easily. Chronic dehydration often underlies symptoms like headache, muscle or joint pain, elevated blood pressure, sinus inflammation and drainage.
  • Tends to have periods of intense activity and high energy followed by burnout and sometimes depression.

Where to look for relief

  • Therapeutic amino acids may be helpful, like lysine (anti-viral), glutamine, taurine, 5-HTP, GABA, etc.
  • Make use of foods, herbs, and remedies that cool and hydrate the body.

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