Eclipse Season • October-November 2022

Eclipses are commonplace enough that we all know about them, but they are rare enough to still be quite special. Intuitively, many folks know there is something significant about their appearance in our skies twice a year. Each Eclipse season is made up of 2 or 3 individual Eclipses.

There are lots of different ways to describe the impact of an Eclipse season, but the one I usually go with is – Eclipse season changes the energetic wallpaper. The wallpaper stays up for about six months until the next set of Eclipses replaces it with something else.

Chart of the Solar Eclipse

October 26, 2022

Eclipse season started with this South Node Eclipse in Scorpio – bringing attention to unfinished business, completing past entanglements, letting go of connections that have become stagnant and situations that no longer offer any room for growth.

In the northern hemisphere, the Scorpio season is when cooler climates experience their first frost. And nature packs it in for a while. The garden dies back, the plant realm turns, for the most part, to its underworld. It’s a season of harvest, death, and all the intensity of emotion and potential for transformative experience that surrounds it. Scorpio isn’t a light or easy season, and the Eclipse cycles pull karma into the mix, something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Past lives, generational trauma, the wheel of fortune. Eclipses weave threads through time and across generations.

chart of the solar eclipse
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The 2 rulers of the Eclipse’s sign Scorpio– Mars and Pluto– are inconjunct one another. An aspect showing parts that are out of sync or not operating well together. Not directly in conflict, but in need of attention, adjustment. It speaks to the level of discomfort, worry, and anxiety of life in this historical moment.

Mars, now retrograde, is also slowly moving into a square to confusing Neptune that persists throughout this entire Eclipse season. The Mars-Neptune square can inspire creativity through movement and dance and inspire compassionate words and actions. But Mars-Neptune also points to the possibility of dangers like poisoning, deception, and weaponized disinformation. An unsettling sign to see around election day in our current political climate.

Chart of the Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2022

Election day in the USA

chart of the lunar eclipse november 2022
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This week’s Eclipse exactly conjoins Uranus in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius closely squares both Uranus and the Eclipse point, adding stress and pressure to an already complicated picture.

This will add up to a lot of Uranian events in the next six months— breakups and separation, breakdowns, breakthroughs, break-aways and lucky breaks. A break from the past. Uranus shows times of shock, chaos, and unpredictability. Uranus is the cosmic middle finger, which we have seen a lot of since Saturn began to interact with Uranus in late 2020.

The internet and Twitter

Uranus also rules the internet, social media, and online communities. Interesting timing for the transfer of social media giant Twitter to its new eccentric billionaire owner. This is how the last quarter of the Saturn-Uranus cycle begins. Uranus at its core represents an urge to experience freedom– but what is the definition of freedom exactly? It seems that different groups have different ideas about what that exactly looks like, and in some cases “freedom” has come to mean a few people having all of the rights but none of the responsibilities. It could be a long, 10-year process to reclaim that word, “freedom”.

In the short-term though, the Uranus symbolism aligns very nicely the sudden changes (firings) the new billionaire man-baby owner of Twitter has already carried out, and the chaos that will be the likely result of his “genius” moves. So, if Twitter fails as a venue for public discourse, what’s next? That’s for the rest of us to figure out.

Potential manifestations of the Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus may unfold up to six months after the actual Eclipse dates. Important events often coincide with the period 90 days after the Eclipses. Which will be approximately late January to early February 2023.

  • Shock or chaos in financial markets
  • A wake up call around agriculture and natural resources
  • Disruption in essential resources (we’re already seeing this)
  • Surprises, awakenings, truth bombs
  • Change, reform, and restructuring

With Mars still square poisonous and deceptive Neptune, it’s a recipe for mid-term electoral shenanigans.

Medical astrology

Astrological signs associate with different symptoms and systems. It’s not unusual for the tension in the skies to show up in individual bodies. In medical astrology, Taurus and Scorpio have a strong connection to hormone signaling through the thyroid gland and gonads.

The brain stem, center of the autonomic nervous system, also lives in the Taurus body zone where the neck and skull meet. Uranus associates with body rhythms like the heart rate, breathing, pulse rate, and other movements under involuntary control.

By some synchronicity, after writing a first draft of this post, I ran across a Twitter thread written by a doctor about the aftermath of COVID infection. After repeated bouts of infection, she is seeing her patients suffering from dysautomnia, a condition where these involuntary rhythms become disturbed or dysregulated. I suspect we have not heard the last of that story.

What to do when it’s too much

If you should feel knocked off your center in the days close to this Eclipse or as much as 6 months later, things ruled by Taurus may be helpful. Nutritionally, Taurus associates with root vegetables and mineral balancing through diet or supplementation.

You might also include herbs in your plan, or simply make some time to get outdoors and experience your six senses, so that you can clear your mind and get more firmly grounded and aligned in the Taurus vibe. When the chaos outside threatens your peace, you can still find solace in a garden, in nature, in the earth, and in your breath, just by directing your awareness.

Geographical insights

Path of October 2022 eclipse
Path of October 2022 Eclipse – via

On the globe, the Eclipse will be most visible from the areas in the green circle, especially the pink line, which runs from Iceland and down through Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and India. It’s hard to say what will happen, but we often see events of global significance taking place in the geographical areas where the Solar Eclipse was most visible. This is not difficult to predict, with Putin continuing his illegal war on Ukraine– but there have been observations of his apparent failing health.  Time will tell!

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Molly Gauthier is a long-time astrologer, certified nutrition therapist, and A-rated pet servant.

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