AstroWellbeing for the New Moon in Aries

Alice's white rabbit
from ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, by Lewis Carroll, with illustrations by John Tenniel. Macmillan and Co, London, 1898.

Late! Sorry folks, we have been rushing around like Alice’s tardy rabbit, trying to get it all done when there never seems to be enough time, enough time, enough time! I did manage a great birthday weekend in Glenwood Springs, one of my favorite Colorado towns. 45 years old, or as a dear one helpfully pointed out to me this weekend, “halfway to 90.”

That go-go-go vibe is typical of the New Moon in hot and fast sign Aries. Aries rules the head, sinuses, eyes, brain. Who’s feeling stress to that part of the body now? As an Aries native, I definitely am.

In herb lore, Aries and Mars rule herbs that are heating and activating, like ginger, hot peppers, and stinging nettles. This is a good time for those remedies, if you need them. The more Martian types who are “feeling the heat” of the New Moon will do better with lots of water (Aries is very dehydrating), cooling, calming herbs like marshmallow and lavender, and the soothing antioxidant power of fresh fruits.

Whatever your sign, there’s a lot going on! Try to work a Treasure Map into your schedule, if you can. It’s a wonderful thing to do at the Aries New Moon.

Mars sextile Neptune powers up this New Moon and suggests a good time to “clean up our act” and support detoxification on all levels– the body, the mind, and the home.

The importance of detoxing the home is often overlooked in conversations about health. But the fact is, your environment matters! From nonstick coatings on our cookware to plastic food containers, to heavy metals in our makeup and deodorants, to hormone disrupters in our laundry detergent, this constant bombardment of neurotoxic and endocrine toxic chemicals can add up to a major drag on our health and wellbeing. Want to know more? You can find some great info about everyday products and the ingredients in them in the free Consumer Guides published by Environmental Working Group.

In other news, you may be feeling the weight of the powerful Jupiter-Pluto square in the heavens, a dominant force for the past two weeks that peaks this week, on Thursday afternoon, then powers down. That means later in the week, a much-needed break from the recent tension that may have slowed your bowels (Pluto) or stressed your liver (Jupiter). The areas most impacted by the planetary stress might have shown up in the areas ruled by the signs these two batting planets are occupying, Libra (skin and kidneys) and Capricorn (bones, joints, gallbladder).

Make sure you haven’t missed my AstroWellbeing report on Venus retrograde, and her impact on blood sugar balance– often a hidden underlying cause of hormone imbalance.

April 3-5 ☼☼ Mars trine Pluto will open up a doorway of strength and opportunity. Schedule your highest energy tasks and high priority treatments, therapies, and diagnostics. There’s a productive vibe that might just help you get somewhere.

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