What does Astrology have to do with Architecture?

Molly’s Astrology received a mention in a new book about sustainable architecture!

That’s cool, you say. But why? What does astrology have to do with architecture?

Earthship interior

This book’s central focus is Earthships, which are funky, almost Tatooine-esque homes built largely of recycled materials. The author, my dear friend Rachel, draws on her training in architecture, as well as her own research, fieldwork in archaeology, and work in historic preservation. In the book, she examines the original 1970s “one size fits all” design of the Earthship, addresses problems in the design, and suggests ways to update and tweak it to make it workable. She takes a holistic approach that considers homes and buildings from start to finish— where the materials come from, and where they go after the structure is no more.

An important part of the building process is harvesting wood and other natural resources. As Rachel points out in the affectionately named “woo-woo chapter” at the end of the book, astrology has something to say about what to harvest when. Just as we women cycle to the Moon, plants have a natural cycle of water, resins, and other biochemicals in their tissues. Just as there is an art in the timing of planting and harvesting crops by the signs of the Moon, there is also an art in the timing of harvesting wood for building. Some days are better for harvesting flooring, other days for structural beams, roofing, and so on.

This makes perfect sense if you observe the subtle differences in the consistency and moisture of soil as the Moon moves through the signs. She recommends this Moon Void of Course Calendar, to track the Moon’s position. I have made it available for 2015 for free. (To read more about Lunar patterns in nature, check out Moon Time by the wonderful Johanna Paungger.)

Rachel is a true Aquarius “outside the box” thinker. But she’s not completely “out there.” We can appreciate that it all comes from a grounded, practical, and ultimately logical perspective based on her work in archaeology and her study of historical buildings— the gift of Saturn trine her Sun and some important placements in Capricorn. As her friend, I know she has a deep respect for the Earth and is committed to changing our world for the better. Her writing style is accessible and inspiring. As a layman and “tourist” in the world of architecture and traditional building techniques, the concepts were still easy to understand. And the photographs! Let me tell you, they are so flippin’ gorgeous, you might want to eat them. Beware!!

cover: hacking the earthship

If you are thinking about building an Earthship or other earth structure, Rachel’s insights will help you make the right building decisions for the unique climate and topography of your building site. You’ll end up with the home you want, a home that works, without breaking the budget.

Check it out!!

Hacking the Earthship Blog
Rachel’s Website
Rachel’s photography

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