The Aries Lunar cycle: You may be isolated, but you’re not alone

It’s Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Mars is bearing down on Saturn, newly in Aquarius, and it feels like the world is falling apart. I think about the changes taking place now and what the world will look like after this is over. I take a deep breath…. let it out slowly.

The Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon 2020 chart

The New Moon on March 24 occurred at 04° Aries. The early degrees of signs represent the early stages of an event or process. (The previous New Moon in Pisces was similar, and New Moons through June.) Saturn has also moved into a new sign. We are stepping into a “new normal” that includes the very structure of our lives and families, businesses, and finance.

Saturn conjoining Pluto back in January kicked off a new 33-year cycle of power, financial responsibility, credit, and currencies. Saturn always says “you must”. Pluto is about karma, karmic debts, and working through trauma, whether past or present. In the sign of hard work, limitation, restriction, authority. This is what we must do.

Most astrologers had no idea that our current pandemic would be the manifestation of that planetary setup, although it makes sense in hindsight. Consider Neptune, the planet of infection, in its home sign Pisces, where it’s the strongest. Neptune was key in the previous Lunar cycle in Pisces. It also plays a role in the current Aries cycle.

So what do we DO now? Aries is a DOing sign, a sign of action, initiation, new beginnings. The New Moon appears next to Chiron and is squaring its own nodes, making this Lunar cycle a focal point of change.

Aries rules the head and face– homemade face masks are now being recommended for the general public.

Chiron represents the pain and trauma around us, whether on TV or live. The unbelievable challenges that our friends and loved ones in the health care world are facing. Talking heads on TV describe this as a “war” (Aries symbolism) in which our “soldiers” are poorly equipped…. and the HBIC downplays their needs and plays dumb while attempting to grab more power and air time for himself. That kind of self-centered ratings obsessed me-firstism (Aries New Moon) and sneering suspicion of stated needs (Capricorn South Node) cuts off the way forward, which is to support and care for each other (North Node in Cancer).

Meanwhile, states are competing (Aries) against one another and the feds for limited (Capricorn) supplies.

The Libra Full Moon

Full Moon April 2020 chart

April 7 is the culmination of this Lunar cycle. The Full Moon at 18° Libra reflects the challenging nature of this time, with its inconjunct to Neptune, the planet of the unseen, mysterious, contagious. The Full Moon lines up in a sesquisquare to Venus, its own ruler, adding relationship friction to the mix as the reality of staying home really brings home other realities. It can be a time for bonding or a time to reconsider those bonds. A time to really appreciate the work that schoolteachers and stay-at-home moms do.

For our precious health care workers, it’s about coming together and cooperating despite overwhelming challenges. It’s about local and state systems working together (Libra) as best they can without clear coordination from the top (square to Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn). Sesquisquares often indicate that you’re working through problems that don’t involve you but still affect you. You didn’t make the mess, but you still have to live with it.

Medical Astrology

If the Aries New Moon called for decisive action, the Libra Full Moon calls for moderation and balance. Physical distancing has never been more important for those of us who are staying home. Libra is a social sign, and this Lunar cycle has us reaching out for comfort in different ways.

Junk foods and sweets (Venus/Libra) are understandable temptations. But their metabolic consequences can be especially problematic for the immune system now.  As a holistic nutrition therapist, I’m recommending a diet low in simple carbohydrates– fruit juices, cereals, pasta, sweets, etc. and high in healthy protein and fat sources. Atkins, Whole 30, paleo, or keto. Any lower-carb higher-protein/fat approach will be more supportive of a healthy immune system now.

The Aries lunar cycle asks us to go-go-go, but many are stuck at home. Essential workers do the go-go-going for the rest of us, delivering food and supplies, caring for the sick. At tremendous risk.

The Libra Moon’s ruler Venus appears with the asteroid Hygeia, associated with holistic health. Hygeia appears (perhaps not a surprise) in Gemini, the sign of the lungs.

More medical astrology here: COVID-19: herbal, nutritional, and manual strategies.

What lies ahead

I want to be optimistic here, despite this horrible situation. In a fundamental way, I am inspired (Aries) by the way we have managed to adapt and move forward despite the directive to keep our distance. We’ve had the opportunity to share laughs, beauty, and wisdom. A lot will happen in the Aries lunar cycle. Because Aries is an action sign. Hot, fast, and new.

But we are working with a lot of unknowns at a time when knowing the truth is key. And I think we may have more clarity soon– but maybe not until the next Lunar cycle. The Taurus New Moon on April 22 will conjoin Uranus, the planet of truth-bombs. And we may, at that point, finally know the true extent of this crisis.

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