Jupiter in Leo July 2014 - August 2015

    Jupiter in astrology indicates where in your life growth is taking place. When Jupiter moves through Leo, baby, it’s eye of the tiger time! You have permission to be dramatic, creative, and bossy. Confidence grows and personality bursts forth, especially in children. If this energy is not grounded in a healthy sense of self, it may show up in a distorted form– arrogance or narcissistic qualities, drama kings and queens. We will see real-life examples of exceptionally good– and bad– leadership at this time.

    Saturn in Libra: October 2009 - October 2012

    Saturn Libra
    The planet Saturn enters the sign Libra on October 29, 2009.

    Saturn will back into Virgo one last time, on April 7 2010, and will return to Libra on July 22 2010, where he will remain until October 6, 2012.

    Mercury Retrograde: What's it Good For?


    When we hear about Mercury retrograde in astrology, it is usually described as, at best, an annoyance, and at worst, a reason to stop in your tracks and pull the covers over your head for three weeks. While the latter is simply bad astrology, the first description is undoubtedly true. With the lights blinking off an on, wind and weather kicking up, technology glitches, misunderstandings, wrong turns and traffic jams, we have reason to be annoyed and reason to be extra cautious during Mercury retro. But there is a method to the madness, and I want to help you understand and take advantage of it.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President

    Obama beer

    Sun’s house: where you grow and shine. The Sun is almost exactly conjunct the 9th house cusp (Placidus). Foreign affairs and media.

    Moon’s house: where many events and changes happen. The 6th house. Employees (White House staff), co-workers. Labor and health care.

    Jupiter in Aquarius: January 2009 - January 2010

    The planet Jupiter enters the sign Aquarius on January 5, 2009, where he will stay until he enters Pisces in January 2010. Jupiter’s last journey through Aquarius was January 1997 – February 1998. Before that, February 1985 – February 1986, February 1973 – March 1974, March 1961 – March 1962.

    Saturn opposite Uranus: Fall 2008 - Summer 2010

    Saturn opposite Uranus happens every 40 years or so. It is a culmination of a cycle that begins when Saturn conjoins Uranus. This year’s opposition is the culmination of the Saturn Uranus cycle that began in 1988. Last time we saw Saturn opposite Uranus was in the mid 1960s.

    Astrologers watch the movement of planets through the heavens, which form and release connections with each other in a cosmic square dance. We can’t change the energy, but we can become aware of it and dance with the beat rather than against it. Astrological awareness is not a scary prediction of good or bad events to come. It is simply another piece of information you can use to make sense of things.

    Saturn in Virgo - September 2007 to October 2009

    Saturn Virgo
    The planet Saturn enters the sign Virgo on September 2, 2007.

    Saturn is an outer, slow moving planet which stays an average of 2 1/2 years in each sign of the Zodiac. So this sign change marks a change in the vibe of the times. Saturn will exit Virgo and enter Libra in the fall of 2009, retrograde back into Virgo for one last, quick visit between April and July of 2010 before settling into Libra for the next 2+ years.

    A Tarot Reader Talks Astrology

    Mick Frankel with Christine Whitehead, July 2002

    This is the first of what we hope will be a series of interviews for North-Node. I spoke to Virginia-based tarot reader and tarot teacher, Christine Whitehead about links between tarot and astrology.

    A few notes on Jupiter in Sagittarius


    The planet Jupiter enters the sign Sagittarius on November 23, 2006, where he will stay until he enters Capricorn on December 18, 2007. Jupiter’s last journey through Sagittarius was December 1994 – January 1996. Before that, December 1982 – January 1984, January 1971 – February 1972, February 1959 – March 1960. If you can find a common thread of similar events, you may be able to anticipate the kinds of energies you will be dealing with this time around. Of course, there are many other things that are different now than in these other times.

    Comments from Venus Retrograde 2007

    Comments from the 2007 Venus Retrograde period.

    Mars Retrograde (March 1 - May 19, 2014)

    Planets in retrograde lose steam, clarity and direction. So with Mars turning retrograde, we feel like we are paddling upstream. Things don’t go as fast as we want them to during Mars retrograde. The better use of this time is to wait, plan and accept compromises.

    Saturn in Leo (July 2005-September 2007)

    The thing with Saturn is, we tend to “should” all over ourselves. Obsessing about what we should look like, what we should be doing, who we should impress, who we should be. And this gets in the way of our responding to our true heart’s desire.

    Comments from Venus Retrograde 2005-2006

    Venus was retrograde from December 24, 2005 to February 2, 2006. Here are some of the things people had to say about it, and questions that came up.

    Mercury Retrograde

    Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, every four months. In general terms, this is Murphy’s Law time. Machines tend to go a bit screwy— cars, computers, phone, fax, printer, bulldozer, and the doctor’s machine that goes ping.

    Lots and lots of fire in the chart

    I have no fewer than eight fire signs in my chart yet people always term me as calm, easy-going, and sweet. Why am I not a more “fire-y” person?

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