The transiting Moon in medical astrology

For centuries, astrologers have understood and worked with the relationship between the Zodiac signs and certain parts of the body.

Just a few hundred years ago, Western physicians considered astrology to be essential to the practice of medicine.

They knew that the WHEN is almost as important as the WHAT.

We follow the Moon in medical astrology because it is an accurate, repeating barometer of emotions, habits, and physiological patterns that impact health and wellbeing. The phases of the Moon have an effect on the tides. Similarly, the Moon’s movement through the signs draws physiological activity, fluid, and blood flow to different areas of the body.

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You can take advantage of these subtle forces by aligning your health activities and medical treatments to the signs and phases of the Moon.

When the Moon is in this Sign

Address issues with these organs and systems (but not surgically)


Head, brain, teeth, ears, eyes, nose, and sinuses


Neck, brain stem, lower jaw, and thyroid


Lungs, hands, arms, and nervous system


Esophagus, stomach, chest and diaphragm


Heart and thoracic spine


Small intestine, liver, and pancreas


Kidneys, skin, and hips, diabetes


Colon, bladder and reproductive system


Lower back, upper legs, sacrum and liver


Bones, teeth, fascia, and joints (especially knees)


Blood vessels, circulation, lower legs, and ankles


Lymphatic system, immune system, feet, sleep, and dreaming


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