October-November 2020 – The mess we’re in.. and a reason to be optimistic

New Moon in Libra – October 16, 2020

The Sun and Moon aligned last week in the air sign Libra. This puts relationships, partnerships, and social life on the front burner. But the aspects to the Sun and Moon tell us that this isn’t about the fluffy, feel-good part of relationships. The square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn brings up the hard work we need to do, the depth work, the shadow work. Libra rules the see-saw of relationships. I support you when you need it, you support me when I need it. Or do you? These kinds of times test the strength of relationships.

Venus opposite Neptune

The New Moon’s ruling planet Venus is in her weakest sign, Virgo. This reflects the practical considerations that stand in the way of connection. Venus opposes Neptune, which is the sign of infection. It’s concerning as we move into what will probably be the second wave of COVID outbreaks. Neptune is also the planet of looking the other way when you don’t want to deal with the reality in front of you.  It takes a community effort to slow or stop a pandemic. But in the United States, we are a broken, polarized community in which everything is political, even public health guidelines.

A reason to be optimistic

The best news of the year (as I see it) arrives just in time for the holidays. A Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter– once in 20 years!– in the sign Aquarius. The shift of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius highlights technology, astrology, groups, teams, and progressive politics for the next couple of years. But the Great Conjunction itself sets a tone for the next 20 years. Its position at the very beginning of Aquarius reflects the newness of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead– brand new issues like climate change where there is no road map of precedent for us to follow.

Full Moon in Taurus – October 31, 2020

Circling back to the near future… the picture is again quite complicated. The Full Moon in Taurus finishes the story that the New Moon started. Taurus puts material concerns, finances, and health on the front burner. The New Moon lines up exactly with explosive Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected, revolutionary, unpredictable crisis and change. Volatility in economies and markets. (Uranus was last in Taurus in the 1930s during the Great Depression.)

The Full Moon and Uranus both square the Moon’s Nodes in the USA chart. The Nodes have to do with karma and connection. The North Node in Leo highlights the power of youth and enthusiasm to move us forward. The South Node in Aquarius speaks to outdated ideas and crystallized patterns of thought that keep us tethered to the past. Uranus squaring this axis may force the issue, shaking the bindings loose and opening an unexpected door to the future.

Like the New Moon in Libra, the Full Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus has moved into her home sign Libra by the end of October, and in the Full Moon chart, Venus is directly opposite Chiron, symbolic of a deep wounding of our individual and collective sense of self-worth. On a national level, it’s our damaged relationships with other countries and our shattered national identity.

We have rebuilt before, and with some hard work and a little luck, maybe it’s not too late to turn this around.

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