Sun signs like oil and water: Are we doomed?

A classic post from 2006!

I really really really like a Taurus, but everything I read says that Gemini and Taurus are set for failure, what’s up with that? We get along so great and he’s not as domesticated as what the web sites read. I’m tired as I’ve been bouncing from relationship to relationship and I’m only 23, lol! But the thing is, I know what I want, I want him, but I want to know why Gemini and Taurus don’t work and if anyone has experienced this and knows why.



You have to take those Sun sign things with a grain of salt. Compatibility is complex and multifaceted because it involves two entire charts, not just two Sun signs. Your Sun sign is just one square of the enormous patchwork quilt of your psyche, and how you click with another person depends not only on the Sun, but on the Moon, Venus, Mars and all the other planets, both in your individual charts and between them.

For every columnist who says a certain Sun sign combo can’t work, there’s a happy couple to prove them wrong. So don’t let a reductionist thing like Sun signs have you doubting what’s in your heart.

Take me for example. I’m an Aries with a Cancer man. Try reading up on that sometime! We are not “supposed” to work at all if you read the Sun sign rags. And it’s true that our temperaments are quite different. But our Moons are exactly conjunct, and there are other ties between our charts that reflect how we work well together as a couple despite differences in our basic character (shown by our Sun signs). We have been together nearly 4 years now.

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