Stars over Ukraine

What a week it has been, standing by watching the people of Ukraine stand up for their country against Russian aggression.

I have forgotten much of the Russian language that I learned in my year abroad in Moscow in the early 90s. But I still recognized a dirty phrase I had learned when a photo of a highway sign in Ukraine made the rounds on social media. Instead of the traffic updates or directional assistance you would usually see on such a sign, it said “Russian invaders, eedee NA hooey.” (A literal translation would be “go on d***” but the widely accepted translation– at least on Twitter– is “go f*** yourself”.)

Much has been said about the birth chart of this conflict: February 24, 2022, at 5 am.

ukraine invasion astrology chart
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What jumped out at me from the getgo is that the Russians launched their offensive on the third quarter Moon. The third quarter Moon is a high-energy point in the Lunar cycle.


Let me start by saying a lot of my work in astrology has been electional work. Selecting dates for events like business incorporation, weddings, surgery.

If I were to advise a client on the best timing for a wedding, business venture, or really anything that they want to be successful and grow in the future, I would look for a phase in the Lunar cycle that still has growth potential. That would be a waxing Moon, not a waning Moon. Definitely not in the last quarter.

This “birthing” of the push into Ukrainian territory carries the energy of a cycle that is about to close, peter out, break down.

Also noteworthy is that the Sun and Moon in this chart are both in mutable signs, promising a process that does not have a straightforward “Point A to Point Z” trajectory. This will go through many phases and will be subject to twists, turns, and moments of FUBAR along the way.

More notes on the conflict chart

The first house, representing the attacking force, is super interesting with sweet Venus on the ascendant playing fig leaf– “hey, we’re peacekeepers” to Power and Aggression (Mars and Pluto) and Putin’s desire for more Authority and  Control (Capricorn). Mars and Pluto are an intensely violent pair that reflects the ruthlessness of this invasion and of those who are calling the shots from Russia.

With the first house’s ruling planet Saturn in its home sign Aquarius, the aggressor has a lot of strength and advantages, but…

Aquarius is what we call intercepted. It does not “own” the doorway to any house in the chart. Russia has met with more significant resistance than expected. With that intercepted Saturn, they are somewhat held back in their ability to use their resources to their full advantage. The invading force is strong in terms of numbers, but the Russian army is not excited to do this job. The young men tasked with carrying out Putin’s malicious orders felt tricked into it. If I know Russian men, most of them are drunk, too.

The wider world community (Aquarius) and even the Russian people (Aquarius) are strongly protesting this action. This was also not expected.

We can read Ukraine in the 7th house. With Cancer on the cusp, the Moon is the 7th house ruler, representing Ukraine. That fiery pinwheel of a 10th house Sagittarius Moon. If you’re like me, you have also gotten quite an education on Ukraine this week. The beautiful culture and the fighting spirit. The incredible President Zelensky who played a president on TV, won Dancing With the Stars, was elected President for real, refused to lie for the former guy, and now is fighting like a badass for his country. I’m chalking it up to the Moon’s ruling planet, Jupiter in its home sign Pisces.  When it comes to this Moon, you couldn’t ask for better. Support from abroad. A compelling, emotional storyline. Standing up to the bully. Ukraine has a massive cheering section with widespread international support. Ukraine has grabbed hold of people’s hearts, their Moon– and I believe that will continue.

Ukraine appears to be fighting the media and infowar strongly as well, appealing to the young men fighting on the ground and their Russian mammas (Moon).

How else could Jupiter help? Part of the territory Russia drives its tanks over to get into Ukraine becomes wet, muddy, miserable, and impassable once the ground thaws in the spring. I have seen Lots Of (Jupiter) Water (Neptune) become an issue when Jupiter and Neptune meet up in a water sign like Pisces. *Especially when Mercury meets up with them around March 19-21*

The South Node holds a power position conjunct the invasion midheaven in Shady AF Scorpio. The Nodes are karmic in nature and are often chaotic, unpredictable, and unusual in their expression. The South Node represents an unquenchable thirst, and Scorpio’s thirst is for power, wealth, control, revenge. With South Node on the MC, it’s right out there in the open.  The Scorpio MC shows the deep corruption and manipulation, the real-life supervillain committing this crime right there out in the open. A horrifying detail that I hope will prove to be untrue is that the convoy includes crematory trucks to obscure the evidence of Russian dead. As if they never existed. How sickeningly efficient.

There is some dark 💩 driving this.

I don’t know the outcome,

But so far I am daring to hope that Ukraine will not fall under Russian control. I hope this with all my heart. I hope it will be easy. But I don’t think it will be. I hope I am wrong.

There are so many questions and so many other directions to go with this chart, but I think I’ll stop here. If you’d like to leave your thoughts, please be kind and respectful. If you disagree with my analysis or if I got my facts wrong, tell me with respect. Anyone trolling or being a jerk will get the boot!!

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8 Responses

  1. Your analysis is hobbled by basing it on a lot of fake news, a propaganda war that is supposed to control the narrative. Well, it surely has you by the ears! Read the [redacted] blog to get a better understanding of what is going on, then come back to Astrology and see things anew from that perspective. It cheapens astrological practice to just parrot what you are being told. Get red pilled for heaveńs sake. Wake up to the illusory game being played.

    1. Yeah. Let’s say I’m going to take your advice even though you may be a Russian bot. Let’s just suspend disbelief for a moment.

      Let’s say I’m going to go read a pro-Putin blog to get the REAL story on Putin’s war in Ukraine.

      😂😂😂 I can’t. It’s too ridiculous.

      Bye Felicia!!

  2. Enjoyed your article very much. Thanks for posting. This may be a coincidence but notwithstanding Putin’s dark Libra Sun (he sees himself through the eyes of others) his 930 am chart puts Pluto on the MC and I’ve seen other charts with a strong Scorpionic influence. His adversary is Zelensky the entertainer who has natal Sun conjunct Venus opposite Mars. Sun/Venus could be a signatory for Taurus, as the nodal axis of SN Scorpio and NN Taurus impacts the people of the world. Those into evolutionary astrology will know the when it comes to a choice between NN and SN the NN is the direction for soul evolution. Oh, and Biden is also a Scorpio Sun. We are in a time when these nodal axis energies a moving our collective story along.

  3. Hi Molly,

    I don’t quite understand this sentence:
    “With the first house’s ruling planet Saturn in its home sign Aquarius”

    Not sure where my gap in understanding is occurring. I did not think there was a special relationship between Saturn and Aquarius other than Saturn currently being in Aquarius for a couple of years, right? Is that what you mean by “home sign?”

    While I came for your fascinating geopolitical analysis, I am also trying to better understand what the heck happened in my personal life around this same time… it was reminiscent of another tough situation I experienced in late 2017, could there be any connection?

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. Thank you so so much!🙏 I was waiting for your reading of the situation and appreciate your time and knowledge.

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