Astrology of the Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019

What Astrologers Need To Know About Solar Eclipses

  • Eclipses happen in pairs (sometimes triads).
  • They happen every six months. (You can look up future dates in an astrology calendar.)
  • Eclipses are New and Full Moons that happen near the Moon’s Nodes. The Nodes are where the karmic “tide” flows in and out.
  • Together, the Solar and Lunar Eclipses set the stage for the next six months.
July 2 2019 Solar Eclipse chart
July 2 2019 Solar Eclipse chart. Click to see a larger image.

Because the July 2nd Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign Cancer, it sets a highly emotional tone for the coming cycle. Cancer represents emotional processing, coming to terms with the past, getting your needs met.

If we take a closer look at the chart of the Eclipse, we see the New Moon at the North Node opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the South Node.

The South Node is where we release karmic and emotional connections. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are heavy. They represent the “old guard.” Rules and commitments that no longer make sense. Control dramas. Conflicts with authority. That’s why the time is right to flush these things right down the cosmic toilet. The drains are wide open. And remember– today’s poop is tomorrow’s compost.

The Solar Eclipse and Your Health

Cancer is the sign of the stomach. Capricorn rules the skeleton.

The relationship between the two is not obvious until you understand that you must have a well-functioning stomach to absorb the nutrients you need to maintain healthy bones. That is why acid-blocking drugs have side effects like osteoporosis and bone fracture when used long-term. You must have strong stomach acid to absorb protein, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals– the building blocks of bone tissue.

Heartburn, stomach ulcers, GERD, hiatal hernia, and other chronic stomach issues may tend to flare up around this Eclipse. The supplement DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) works for a lot of people to reduce heartburn symptoms without affecting mineral absorption like antacids and acid-blocking drugs do.

The Cancer Eclipse and Nutrition

The sign Cancer and the Moon relate to the physical stomach and breasts– the organs involved in giving and receiving nourishment. The Moon in your birth chart tells the story of your earliest experiences of having your needs met (or not) in infancy and early childhood– the most vulnerable, helpless, pre-verbal time of your life. That experience colors your relationship to food and nourishment as you grow up. Your relationship to food ties in with your feelings about yourself and can tap into issues of worthiness, identity, and/or control.

The South Node of the Moon conjoins Saturn, the planet of rules and structures. This means you can tap into the energies of this Solar Eclipse by letting go of rules that no longer apply. May I suggest the USDA Food Pyramid (now known as MyPlate) as the first health-related template to flush down the cosmic toilet. “Big Ag” agriculture industry profits, not your health, were first and foremost in its creation.

The Eclipse and Politics

Because Cancer rules infants, children, and parents– especially mothers, the Eclipse chart gives us a clear picture. We see children and families (Cancer) at the border (Capricorn) facing extreme hardship (Saturn) and trauma (Pluto) in concentration-camp-like conditions (Saturn-Pluto).

Where’s it all going?

It’s hard to say. I can only hope that care and concern (Cancer) will win out over cruelty. That we’ll go in the direction of the North Node in Cancer– and build a bigger table, not a higher fence.

I do expect that this tragedy will remain front and center in the public consciousness for quite some time.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Molly – I just came across your site while I was looking for some basic Astro info for my daughter in law – just to explain how it all works. I love your clear explanations and solid basis around all things Astro. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Lovely stuff here to read and learn. I’ll be back!!! Blessings to you.

  2. I don’t believe I’m feeling any of this stuff. I have had some computer glitches going on and I am spending too much money, but only on what is necessary. The money is going way too fast. I’m spending it on vitamins and supplements; that type of thing. I have had health issues since 2001 and am just opening up the new possible fixes.
    I do feel as if I’m being dragged around by everyone who needs me at the time, but that is the usual., and nothing has changed, just that I’m feeling it at this time. I am a late Leo Sun, with Cancer rising and Capricorn moon… you would think that I would be freaking out by now. Nothing yet……… just waiting for something?

    1. Welcome Mary!!

      Hmmm… I’m going back over my post to find where I said “you’re gonna freak out”… ?

      It can take 6 months for the Eclipse impact to play out. Give it some time. When it comes to your health, keep opening up to new possible fixes!!

      It’s possible that by the end of this six months, something will have shifted and you won’t be feeling so dragged around (Cap) by everyone who needs you (Cancer).

  3. oH BOY AM I FEELING THIS. I have already had the authorities on my back all week. Giving me ridiculous regulations to abide by. and written warning and instructions i have to abide by which is not even their right to tell me how to do this. unfortunately my license depends on me saying YES SIR!! Definitly controlling factors which i just cant seem to get them to leave me alone. they have found a victim and they and loving it. so I am just going to bite the bullet and comply with all their unreasonable instructions
    I also have a Jupiter trine Uranus this week so I am hoping all the unnecessary expenses i have had to pay out for, will be returned in some kind of luck factors. if anyone wants to see how bad my life has been the past year and is at the moment. 19/11/1958 Nairobi KENYA 3am. Previously i have had Pluto on the 4 house cusp so was i going to loose my business or my home. well it was my husband that was taken out. I also lost my other support system, my astrologer a few years ago. But i know we are given these hardships/ opportunities to grow and develop, and we would never be give a problem that would be too much for us to handle.. Then again maybe its being so hard, and telling me to get out of the business – sell, give it away.. do something else? do it better? close down. is it telling me to let go of my business.

    1. Annette – Thanks for your comment! I had a quick look at your chart and I’m seeing the SE trine your Moon and Jupiter/Neptune, conjunct your Midheaven, and square your Ascendant. Contacts to the angles (ASC and MC) often bring big changes. I don’t know exactly what’s going to come of it, but it looks like the pieces can fall into place over the next 6 months, and I imagine you’ll be in a better situation by the end of the year. I hope so, Annette. Your Cancer Midheaven needs something or somebody to care for– if you focus on that caring, doors may open for you.

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