Small Business Saturday: My top Etsy finds for astrology students

Whoever thought of Small Business Saturday deserves some praise. After the retail feeding frenzy that is Black Friday, I’m so glad that small businesses get the love and attention they depend on, on Small Business Saturday.

I browse Etsy from time to time, looking for gifts, cards, or just looking. In my explorations, I have found some really cool tools for people who love astrology. I hope you’ll love this list of needful and beautiful things that I’ve hand-selected for student astrologers. (A few of them may even work for your friends who LIKE astrology but aren’t as obsessed as you and I are.)

So get out your credit card, ya big nerd. You’re gonna love these.

Chart practice

Any of these tools would be great companion pieces for my online astrology courses

Rotating, magnetic dry-erase natal chart

I can easily imagine myself spending TIME playing with this. Rotate the inner and middle wheel to set the signs and house positions, and use a dry erase marker or the optional magnet set to represent the planets.

Rotating 3D Astrology Wheel by 12th House Neptune (Etsy)

Magnets for each of the planets 

Alternatively, print your chart out, stick it to your refrigerator, and use the magnets to represent the daily transiting planets. Or pin your chart to a corkboard and use push pins to represent the planets. This is a great way to practice if you have a visual, tactile learning style.

Astrology Flash Cards

Some of you know I have created my own astrology flashcards to accompany my astrology courses. But seriously, can you have too many? I still haven’t bought a set of these gorgeous cards for myself, but I am as in love with them as I was on the first day I saw them on Etsy. Then I fell in love a little more when I learned that a sister-sister team created them. One sister did the astrology (which is solid), and the other did the art (which is gorgeous). 

PureAstrology flashcards on Etsy

Astrology digital journal & planner

Ever since Quicksilver Productions stopped publishing the Jim Maynard astrology calendars, many of us have been seeking alternatives, even in the digital realm. My astrology calendar attempts to fill that need, but there are other really creative ideas out there too. Here’s a good one:

This 2022 astrological planner template comes from a shop called Magnetic Astrology. It runs on a platform called Notion, which is free for single users.  I bought it just to try it out— and I think I may actually use this in 2022. It’s heckin’ good. If you’re looking for a planner with astrological details that you can access and fill in from just about any device with a screen, check this one out.

2022 Astrology Journal and Planner

2022 Calendars

New Mexico wall calendars

Although this is only tangentially related to astrology, I’m including it for several reasons: (a) One of my besties created it, (b) the pages include big, beautiful Moon graphics to make the New and Full Moons obvious, and (c) I wrote a teeny tiny chunk of copy for it– about the Lunar cycle of course. And (d) – I find the desert southwest so achingly beautiful that my heart skips a beat when I remember it. My friend Rachel Preston is a brilliant photographer, designer, and storyteller  whose training in architecture informs her keen eye for beautiful shapes, colors, and forms. Follow her work at the Ministry of Architecture.

Sacred New Mexico calendar
Gates of New Mexico calendar

Oracles Haven Moon calendar

Wouldn’t this look gorgeous on your wall?  Keep on top of Moon signs and Void of Course with this beautiful and useful wall calendar. Eye-catching art with a beautiful and readable layout.

Oracles Haven Moon Calendar (unfortunately sold out but you can still get the digital download)

Wheel of the Year Lunar calendar

There’s nothing I love more than the intersection of astrology and the cycles of nature. That’s why I love this Wheel of the Year Lunar calendar. With its whimsical gnomes and colorful, seasonal plant drawings, it fits my earthy aesthetic to a tee. You’ll have a sweet wall hanging, a conversation piece, and Lunar cycles at a glance.

Wheel of the Year Lunar calendar


p.s. I have a small business too! For the more nerdy side, including all the astrological details of 2022, grab my 2022 astrology calendar. If you’ve always wanted to learn to read charts or dive deeper into astrology, check out my online astrology courses. Black Friday pricing through 11/29.


Did I miss anything? Tell us about your favorite small business in a comment below.

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