Saturn square Neptune ☂☂☂ Truth and illusion

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune • 2016

This gnarly transit has been weighing on us since the end of 2015. Today, the third of three passes acts as a bookend, bringing resolution to a process of loss, grief, and disillusionment. Once this one is over, we leave it in the past and turn the page to start a new chapter. Saturn won’t make another hard aspect to Neptune for 10 years.

You can consciously work with this powerful transit by holding space for both the practical (Saturn) and the unexplainable (Neptune). Don’t get caught up (Saturn) in a “victim” mentality that sucks away your power and belief in yourself. Instead, be proactive. Take action to mitigate losses in your life. Spend time on projects and people who leave you feeling enriched rather than drained. Make a solid commitment (Saturn) to your spiritual well-being (Neptune). Reclaim your magic.

When loss, disillusionment, and grief come up, don’t hide from them. Accepting a painful truth makes space for growth in the future. Work with those fears and anxieties (Neptune) that stop you from seeing the truth around you.

This aspect will appear in the heavens one more time, suggesting that the situations that we struggle with now will find their end result or resolution in September.

The Saturn Neptune square at Work

  • This is the end of a months-long confusing period of structural change in the business world.
  • The rules of the game are more fluid, and nobody seems to know where things stand right now.
  • Have paperwork looked over by a disinterested third party before signing.
  • Consider putting off finalizing deals to the second half of September, after this challenging and confusing influence has weakened a bit.
  • Mistaken assumptions, misinformation, and misunderstandings cause problems.
  • Legal obstacles delay your progress. If in doubt, don’t play around in legal gray areas. 

The Saturn Neptune square in Love

  • When someone comes along and bursts our bubble, painful as it is, it often ends up being the greatest gift they could give us. But…
  • Take the time you need to grieve. Accepting a painful truth makes space for growth in the future.
  • It’s hard to know what the “right” thing to do is.
  • Seems like everyone is coming to terms with big stuff right now. How can you be there for each other? How can you be there for yourself?
  • What concrete action (Saturn) can you take to reconnect to your magic (Neptune)?

Saturn square Neptune and your Health

  • Nervousness, fear, and anxiety only serve to complicate your situation.
  • Get a second opinion if you feel uncertain about a diagnosis.
  • Insomnia, unusual sleep patterns, notable dreams.
  • Treatments may fail to get to the root cause of health issues, or even make the problem worse.
  • Do you know what you’re getting into? Do your homework before you decide on a medical course of action. Watch out for conflicting medical prescriptions with contra-indications.
  • Neptune deals in subtleties and sensitivity. Sensitivity to foods, vibes, chemicals… even your body’s own hormones and chemical messengers!
  • Saturn deals in reality, responsibility, and boundaries. What can you do to reduce toxic garbage in your diet, workplace, and/or family life?
  • Your sensitivity can also be part of the solution. Capitalize on it with gentle, subtle remedies like energy work, plant medicine, acupuncture, touch therapies, and homeopathy.

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