October 4-6, 2015 ☂☂ Mixed nuts


Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune
Sun in Libra square Pluto

Work: Hold off on signing contracts or finalizing important decisions, equipment purchases and installations, meetings, and promotions. You may not have all the information you need. Take note and explore the ideas that inspire you now, but sit on your hands for a few days before taking action, for the best outcome. Mars will “carry the light” of Neptune into more agreeable contacts with abundant Jupiter and transformative Pluto, the week of October 12.

Love: Those of us with trauma in our past may re-experience feelings of persecution, rejection, or being ganged up on, as anger, fear, and anxiety bubble up from the unconscious. Pity parties, misdirected aggression, and other unhealthy behaviors come up as people seek others to salve the wound that only they themselves can heal. Be cautious with your money and heart.

Health: Don’t skip your daily meditation today; you’ll need it! Sensitivity and anxiety reactions drain our energy, making us tired,moody, and susceptible to infection. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Today’s high sensitivity warrants caution with new treatments and/or drugs. There are better times to start, stop, or adjust medication. But subtle remedies work well to move stuck energies and emotions.

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