November 11, 2015 NEW MOON in Scorpio

Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio trine Chiron and sextile Jupiter
Venus in Libra sextile Saturn

This new Scorpio Lunar cycle brings up those emotional hot buttons, like resentment and shame, the baggage we keep stuffed in the closet of the unconscious. Working consciously with these stuck emotions helps us resolve them and leave destructive patterns behind, creating space for health and happiness.

Work: Scorpio deals in credit, banking and finance, contracts and deals, and the government. The New Moon creates a peaceful and positive environment to work through problems or close major purchases and sales. Your weirdness and sensitivity serve a purpose, so honor them, and put them to use. Don’t wish them away. We learn best by doing, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Latent problems in today’s plan make themselves known when the Full Moon appears, November 24.

Love: An introverted and quiet mood. Sexual energy is stronger this Lunar cycle. Partners can open the doors to trust and intimacy by listening to and validating each other. An appropriate sense of seriousness enters the picture, making this a good time to talk about the status of the relationship and plans for the future.

Health: These are good days to adjust your meds or see a practitioner. Benefit to the organs and systems ruled by Scorpio: the hormones, bowels, and reproductive system. Take advantage of optimism and humor to work through painful feelings in a light-hearted way.

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